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Index of All India Trade Union Congress Records
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File Index of AITUC (Office)

File Index of AITUC (Office)
S. No. File No. Year Title/Subject Description
1 2 1957 Documents and Resolutions of AITUC Conference of 29th Dec, 1957 Resolutions on Social Security, Wages, Bonus, International Issues, Tripartite Agreements, Code of Discipline, Draft resolution of Samyukta Maharashtra and Gujarat Samitis; Resolutions of various other unions e.g. Oil Mills (Allepy) Plantations, Hotel workers(Agra), Mica workers, Tea and Coffee workers union;
2 2 1976 30th Conference AITUC Correspondence between on 30th Conference of AITUC - Jamshedpur Oct. 13-17 1976;
3 2 1990 AITUC Congress General Council of AITUC; Amendments to AITUC Constitution; Note on problems of working women; Participation of workers in Management Bill; On Privatization; Anganwadi; Social Security; ESI Scheme; Pension; Against Communal and divisive Forces; List of UP delegates; Declaration on Technology and MNC; Note on 34th Session of AITUC;
4 2 1960-61 26th Session of AITUC- Reception Committee Correspondence by various unions and AITUC for the 26th Session of AITUC in Coimbatore.
5 3 1960 General Council Meeting Attendance chart of G. C. meet at Coimstore; Minutes of AITUC G Council held at Delhi; Reportof work at AITUC center; Organizational positions & work in various States & Industries; On Textile & Cement Wage Boards;
6 3 1960 Meeting of G.C. (circulars) Letters of GC in Jan’ 61 to all members; K. Ananda Nambiar to AITUC G.S.- Opnion; Minutes of GC Meet in Delhi ;
7 3 1960 AITUC Papers - Delhi Report; GC meeting Feb’60 Letter from CPI Bombay to Com. Dange; Strike Diary 1959; Note on decisions of 18th Session of Standing Labor Committee; Draft Proposals on Labor Policies & Program -3rd five year Plan; Q & A Lok Sabha;
8 3 1988 WFTU General Council Particulars 41st Session of WFTU Gen.Council, Ex- Bureau and Regional Trade Union Committee Meetings on 24th-28th Oct.1988, Delhi; Letters of participation from various TUs abroad; Decision on lists of members from various countries of 38th Session WFTU Bureau and 40th Gen Council of WFTU at Bucharest Oct.28-31, 1987; New list of Addresses;
9 3 1992 AITUC General Council Meeting - Report & Information Materials, Margao Full Document with all Reports.
10 3 1984-86 AITUC Gen.Council Various Resolution and Circulars and Pamphlets of AITUC General Council Meetings from 1984-86;
11 3 1987-88 Documents of AITUC General Council Full Report and Various Data and Documents of AITUC General Council in 1988.
12 4 1958 W.C. & G.C. (AITUC) G.C. Bangalore ; Pamphlet of appeal by Reception Committee; Other letters of AITUC on GC Bangalore; Decision of Wcmeet in Darjeeling; Letter from Mirajkar on Darjeeling Meet;
13 4 1960 Working Committee (AITUC) Letter from G. Sundaram, Secy. Petroleum workers’ union; Letters from K.G.Srivastava and others from various T.Us ;
14 4 1960 Working Committee Meeting (Circulars) Card by AITUC; South Arcort Dist. Hotel workers union to AITUC on affiliation; Agenda of WC meet at Delhi; Postponement;
15 4 1960 WC Meetings of AITUC Draft resolutions; On Central Govt. Employees Strike; Discussion on report; Report of relief Fund Collections; WC meet Agenda; attendance list;
16 4 1960 #NAME? struggle for wages; labor participation in management; social security; report of work of AITUC in various states & industries; state wise reports; workers’ education;
17 4 1960 Monthly Report (State Committees) Monthly reports from AP, UP, Orrissa, Punjab, Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Arunachal, Tamilnadu, W. Bengal, Manglore,
18 4 1960 Correspondence with State Govt. Preparation of panel of arbitrators- Standing Labor Committee 18th Session; Wage Scale- Govt. of UP for implementing central cotton textile wage board; Proceedings of tripartite labor conference; AP - Implement cotton Textile Wage Board; Master Plan for industrialization in Bombay;
19 4 1993 Working Committee Meeting - Report & Info materials, Bhilai Full Report and Details of Working Committee Meeting.
20 4 1958-59 Party-II Letters from UP state council to Com Dange on TU tasks; Letter from CP Britain; Document by CPI on Party & peasant organizations; CPI Darjeeling’s Demand for introduction of Nepali in 3 hill subdivision ;
21 4 1980-81 Working Committee Meeting Circulars & General Council Copies of Various circulars on various issues by working committee & Gen. Council of AITUC for e.g. 23 Nov. 1981 March to Parliament; ESMA; Gen.Council Meeting; Letters from various TUs; Rajasthan Roadways; Newspaper Cutting from IE; Defence Employees; working committee meetings; National Campaign Committee; TU Convention on Price Rise; Letter on Ramanujan Committee;
22 4 1984-88 AITUC Working Committee Various circulars of AITUC with Gen Sec Indrajit Gupta and President Chaturanan Mishra & Resolutions for 1984-88 period;
23 5 1957 Dalmianagar Struggle Struggle in Dalmianagar Industry.
24 5 1958 Letters to and by AITUC on various issues Letters on - Jamshedpur from AITUC & G.L.Nanda etc.; Program of introducing Automatic Looms; Closure of Blast Furnaces in Kulti Works of IISCO; Closure of Iron Ore & Manganese Mines in Barbil, Orissa; TUR imp. Issue; Model grievance procedure; Under trial prisoners of Jamshedpur; Amendments to Indian TU Act 1926; Release of Jamshedpur's Barin Dey; National Project workers union - Notice of Direct Action; Plantations Act; Beawar Textile Mills - Hunger Strike by TU Leaders - Retrenchment; Memo on Barbil to Nanda; K.S.Roy, T.B. Hospital Employees' Union - Ultimatum for Hunger Strike; Cashewnut workers; Crisis in Artificial Silk Cloth & Wool Industry - Amritsar; Letter to P.M., Nehru;
25 5 1959 AITUC Center 17th Session of Indian Labor Conference; Letter by JMU; Views of AITUC on Labor Policy; Memo on Industrial Relations by HMS; Text of Memo prepared by ministry of labor on industrial relations.
26 5 1959   Training in Germany; Working Committee on various Issues; WC of state federation, Agenda; Kamgar Sabha over recognition of joint private arbitrators; Dispute in Indian Metal Company, Bombay; Strike by Shahdara Branch of Engineering Mazdoor Union and Conflict with Punjab Manufacturing Corporation;Resolution by National Conference of Enginering workers;
27 5 1960 Correspondence from Office Bearers K.G. and Mirajkar correspondence on preparation for AITUC Conference session at coimbatore; 9th Session of Plantations Industrial committee; Boycotting Tripartite conference and Question of wage boards; W.C. AITUC postponement;
28 5 1960 Correspondence from Office Bearers Letters by Dange; AITUC Secretariat meeting; Formation of all India Commercial Workers federation; Amendment to workmen’s compensation act; All India general strike call on July 14, 1960; Kerala plantation strike; Standing Labor Committee; Joint Council of Central Govt. Employees;
29 5 1960 Notes from the Staff Letters on - Barbil Case between Com. Sadhan, Com. K.G., Com. Durga Mohanty; Chitnis and K.G. Bombay related to various issues e.g. Western Railways, AITUC WC meeting on Aug. 6-7, 1960; Strike Call on 14/7/60 on D.A. issue; A.I.R.F Joing Council Meeting, Bombay; Parvati Krishnan; Conspiracy Case - Sadhan Mukherji; Letters between Sadhan Mukherjee and Com. Dange; K.B.Panikar; Tripartite decisions violations;
30 5 1961 Speech (Dange) Dange’s speech and statements;
31 5 1961 East Pakistan ( AITUC center) Report from East Pakistan dated 28th March 1961.
32 5 1971 AITUC - Party Contains various meetings of CPI & AITUC on various issues of AITUC in 1971 Period and 1974 like 1974 Nuclear Tests, 1970s Eco. Policy Decisions affecting Labour; Bangladesh Struggle for Independence; Talks with HMS; Afro-Asian conference; Tashkent Meeting; TU programme draft; CPM-CPI conflict; Industrial Relations; Unity talks between INTUC-AITUC-HMS; Public Sector Conference; Central Govt. employees; State govt. employees meeting called by AIRF; Railway situation; MISA; Letter by C.Rajeshwar Rao; Bonus; attended by A.B.Bardhan, Satish Loomba, Indrajit Gupta, Ranen Sen, S.M.Banerjee, K.G.Srivastava, Parvati Krishnan, T.N.Siddhanta; etc.
33 5 1992 Com. Indrajit Gupta Correspondence on - condition of workers of M/S Hukumchand Mills, Indore in BIFR; Khamaria Ordnance Factory Jabalpur; National Award for Cement Workers; SC/ST workers of Chakri Dhari Limestone Mines; Allahabad Bank; Seminar on Steel Industry; Narasimhan Committee Restructuring of IDBI; Privatisation of ITDC;
34 5 1965-67 Com. Dange Letters on various important issues - e.g. letter from JRD Tata to Com. Dange on Labour problems of Mithapur; to Dange from Cashew worker union, Mangalore; Articles from papers on CPI- CPM split and CPSU's views on it; 1st Tricontinental conference in Havana; 2nd conference of Party journalists; Wage Board of Road Transport Industry; AP - AITUC & Dange; Calcutta Port & Dock Workers; Textiles & Dange; Insurance Employees & Reports; United Iron & Steel Workers Union, Bari on Murder Case;
35 5 1982/89 AITUC Office House, 24 Canning Lane. Indrajit Gupta on Indian Ocean Conference, Sydney; Delegate list of AITUC visiting AICCTU to USSR May 1989; Homi Daji; Chturanan Mishra; WFTU appeals on dictatorship in Turkey, Peace not war;
36 5 1983-85 Com. Chaturanan Mishra (M.P.) President, AITUC. Case of theft of 35 Wagons of Coal from Coal India caught at Punjab for sale to Pakistan; CPI efforts for Hindu- Sikh unity against Khalistan movement; Suspension of Coal Production in Rajhara Mines; Fighting Black Money; Workers participation in management; IDPL factory closure; Raising bank issues with F.M.; Applying award on workers of lapanga Colliery; FM - TU Bugetary consultations; Insurance Bills; Retrenchment in Mirzapur; Destruntion on BHEL by Govt. of India & TNC's; Death by negligence of Bihar Mines; AITUC leader chargesheeted in Barauni Oil Refinery Strike; Bidi Workers; Roza Deshpande attacks CPI & AITUC;
37 5 1985-86 Homi Daji (AITUC) Letters & full document of ILO on Safety in Gactories etc. and Letter to AITUC; and Letters to AITUC, Homi Daji to go abroad;
38 6 1988 Maharashtra Lots of letters from Com. Chitnis (G.Sec) Maharashtra State AITUC to central AITUC on Struggle in various sectors particularly textile industry which was in deep crisis; TU education; Letter on AITUC's attempts to stop sale of BEL's Taloja Plant (Maharashtra) to Samtel and Cornining by officials of defence production; union carbide india ltd. employees union, Chembur; Liquidation of Hoist-o-Mech Ltd. in Bombay;
39 6 1988 Public Sector National workshop on DA & full neutralization held on 18-19 May 1988 Bangalore; Statement by B.R.Krishnamurthy (acting Gen Sec) NCOA against denigration of public sector; protest day in Singareni Collieries; pamphlets by joint action front of Bangalore based central public sector employees unions; committee of public sector trade unions (CPSTU) series of pamphlets of actions on interim relief issues and fight against attack on public sector; Joint Action front's memo to Governor Venkata Subbaiah; HAL & CPSTU; Note on public sector - Homi Daji; Privatization & sale of Taloja (BEL) unit and CPSTU; Scooter India Ltd. (SIL) sale; Memo on BEL to Chintamani Panigrahi, Minister of state for Defence; Letter to Bindeswari Dubey on DA Issue; Aviation Safety; BP Corp; K.L.Mahendra - Note on D.A. Formula; CITU - AITUC conflict over withdrawal of Strike in IDPL; ITDC Hotels Bodh Gaya Ashok; Strike in Coal Sector;
40 6 1986-87 Assam regularise workers of Oil India, Duliajan; Bakery Strike; 1 day strike by 30,000 plywood workers for wage settlement; plywood workers- notice of agitational programme including strike by 16000 workers of Harijan Mazdoor Union of Guwahati Municipal Corp.; Pramod Gogoi's statement on setting up new Refinery in Assam; Article in sentinal; List of WC of AITUC Assam;
41 8 1988 Andhra Public state meeting; Textile workers convention, Kanpur; Joint strike by AITUC, CITU & INTUC; Article by K.L.Mahendra on industrial relation committee bill; AITUC Gen-Council; Problems of Hamalis working in FCI Godowns; Considerable advance by AITUC in public sector industry in Vizag; Representation by Jattu Labour Union, Rajamundry; AITUC problems with Nageswar Rao & Raj Bahadur Gour of AP AITUC; 2 month lockout in Barium Chemicals Kammam;
42 8 1988-91 J & K Various letters by AITUC on Memo to Governor on working class problems of J&K, recognition to unions; labour problems in various projects; memo to PM by confederation of central govt. employees(Jammu); convention at Kiashtwar of AITUC; State level convention of electrical employees, Kistwar; Student problems; bifurcation of Srinagar unit of Indian Telephone Industries; Report & article of Goa AITUC secretary; AITUC(J&K) WC meetings; Defence employees (J&K) problems; Meetings of Kashmir council of All India Peace & Solidarity organization; Newspapers sale problems; Health employees articles & newspaper cuttings;
43 9 1988 Bihar Earthquake relief fund; Tribal workers of ACC Jhinkpani problems; Murder by BJP goons of Bijay Janko, B/o AITUC leader Laro Janko - Police Connivance; Central Institute of Psychiatry; Kanke, Ranchi employees problems; Hindustan Fertilizar Corp, Barauni workers struggle; Irrigation workers struggle; ITDC Ashok, Bodh Gaya employees struggle; TISC - AITUC - Kedar Das struggle; Bihar AITUC circulars; Railway worker Gorakhpur's Sturggle;
44 10 1986 Delhi Revision of minimum wage rates in schedule employment; Hindustan Lever's workers Federation; Oil India Ltd's office shifting to Assam; Gratuity of Cycle Corp. workers; Railway - Amendment to formula of productivity linked Bonus; Inter State Bus Terminals Porters' Union; Postal & RMS employees struggle; Half a million industrial workers strike in Delhi for wage increase; Delhi Kapda Mills; ITDC employees union; AINEF;
45 11 1985 GIC conferences on various insurance unions; observed save nationalisation day; note for MPs on Gen. Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Amendment Bill 1984;
46 12 1988 Goa Cases before CLC - PIM, MAMC, Delkon, Siemens & Essars; Anti- women Labour Practices in Mc Dowells & Kesarvel Beverages Factory; Arlem Brewries; Anti- Miner Goondaism by Brandekar Group of Campanies; Goa Wide Strike on 9 Sept. 1980; Meetings of Coordination Committee; CIBA- GIEGY Struggle; Essar Industry Struggle; Curtis Chemicals Lockout; May Day Rally & Resolutions; Goa and B-2 class coy struggle; Agreement in Antibiotics firm; FCI workers successful strike;
47 13 1986 Haryana Demand for equal wages for worker Bharat Scots Ltd. To Maruti Udyog workers; AITUC union in Shaw Wallace leather unit in Gurgaon; Circulars by Haryana State Committee AITUC on Demands of various union of Haryana; Interim Relief and 4th wage board implantation on employees of National seeds corp.; Bata workers problems; Attacks on Minorities in Harayana and AITUC's activities against communal forces; Inplementation of Supreme Court Verdict on Equal Pay Equal work in BBMB; Bhiwani Textile Mills Problems;
48 13 1988 Haryana Regarding- Police Actions on TUs; Dharna notices, Annual conference of Bata Union; Boycott Labour Ministry; 1day strike against lock out of Bandhu Machinary (Ltd.), Gurgaon; Regulanze workers of HUDA; Textile Federation Established; Grivances of Labour in Industrial Area of Hisar; Hunger Strike till death; Meeting of Women of Haryana AITUC;
49 13 1983-85 Haryana Haryana AITUC state committee's Circulars in Hindi & English on various issues - Meeting of WC; Dharna notices; GC meetings; 5th Conference on 28th - 30th Sept.'84 in Panipat - Draft Reports of G.Sec of Haryana AITUC and other documents; On communal tension in Haryana; Organizing unorganized Labour in Faridabad; Hissar Textile Mill Mazdoor Hartal; Hunger Strike of Ford Tractors issue; Police repression on National Fertilizer workers; CITU; Engineering workers conference of North Zone; Bata Shoe workers problems; Resolution passed in 25 Jan 1983 AITUC Haryana convention; CM to sell off Concast Ltd. and Hansi Hafed Spinning Mill, Hansi (GOI undertaking);
50 14 1968 Himachal Pradesh Various types of letters to Mrs. Gandhi from S.A.Dange; on 5th Session of WFTU legal commission meeting in Bucharest, reconstitution of Coffee Board; Contract Labour Working in Mines under Bhilai Steel Plant; Meeting of Central Council of PWD Workers Union under Com. N.N.Manna; Letters by current CPI M.P. Bhan Singh Bhura (then MLA) of All India Agricultural Workers Conference: Letter of support to Czch Govt. in crisis; Satish Loomba to Com. Guru Prasad; Letter to Dr. Chenna Reddy from S.A.Dange; AITUC report on police firing in Bikaner;
51 14 1988 Himachal Pradesh Industrial dispute over denial of regularizing of workmen by BBMB Sunder Nagar Township;
52 14 1983-85 Himachal Pradesh Week of Punlic Meetings to Democratisation and defend public sector by HP AITUC; Org. confernce of HP AITUC; 12th Annual Conference of NHPC worker union (HP); constitution of Labour courts; victimisation of TU leaders at NHPC; Hotel Industry- Kameshwar Pandit and AITUC;
53 14 1984-88 Central Trade Unions (General Correspondence) Letter from BMS to AITUC on why token strike by NCC on March 14-16, 1988 in PSUs coincides with Bharat Bandh call by Left Parties; Press Release on National & International issues by INTUC and of other joint meetings of AITUC & INTUC on specific issues; EC Meeting of National Labour Organisation (NLO); AITUC - CITU problems;
54 15 1987 J & K Various Letters by J & K to center and press releases on activities of J & K AITUC on issues of traders, unorganized labour, 3 lakh public sector worker, Municipal workers, Safai Karamcharis, Murderous Assault on AIUTC activist and other secor of society.
55 15 1988 J & K Conf. of Electric EML Employees; JK AITUC Strike in support of All India Strike by NPCC Workers; Srinagar Municipality Safai Karmachari's Strike against payment of 'Mahawaris' to Municipal officials; Wage Negotiations; Letters between AITUC Center and JK AITUC; NPCC Sopore - Reinstatement; AITUC Welcomes Gorbachev; Wage Settlement for Coal Workers of Kalakot Coal mines and workers laid of at Sopore NPCC; WC Meetings of JK AITUC; Amendments to PF Act; Kalakot Coal Mines Workers Strike; JK AITUC against arbitrary posting of Industrial Staff at Udhampur; Registration & affiliation of new TUs to AITUC; 15 Day Hunger Strike by Water Works Workers; Daily Wagers Problems; TU Represntation in Advisory Council for Industrial Day in JK; Hunger Strike by Teachers; Communal Disturbances and Killings in JK;
56 15 1989-90 Unorganised Labour All India convention of unorganised workers 23 Sept. 1989; Action program for minimum wage sector workers - letter to Chaturanan Mishra sent from convention; Salvage Agro Entrepreneures under scheme for Agro service centers; Press statement of NCC on unorganised sector worker plans for countrywide strike; resolutions and demands of unorganized sector workers;
57 15 1989-91 Himachal Pradesh Chamera workers & employees union's various notification of elections and list of office bearers; AITUC (HP) state conference at Solan; Jaiprakash Association workers union HO Taleru Banikhet; Various letters to Indrajit Gupta; Beas project problems; HP AITUC reports of Political Situation in State; Letter to Ministry of Energy to give employment to nearest of decesed on compassionate grounds; Transport workers union; BCB workers served Retrenchment orders; various problems in Chamera project; corruption case;
58 16 1988 Rajasthan Memo from Textile workers of Tamilnadu to speaker of Parliament on demands; Hartals in Mirzapur Zila; Com Satpal Dang's Visit to Jodhpur; Central and Zone research institute - Regularization issue on employees; contract labour issue of limestone mines in Rajasthan; Unions oppose amendments to ID Act & TU act; Memorandum of settlement between Harihar Polyfibers and Harihar Pllyfibers union of Dharwar Dist; NCC Protest March to parliament; Problems in Mahalaxmi Mills; State Roadways Unions protest in front of Rajasthan Assembly; Pleasant Hotel employees Mt. Abu Problems; 15 March 1988 Bharat Bandh - Prep;
59 16 1993 Karnataka Correspondence by KSRTC staff and workers federation Gen. Sec H.V.Ananthasubba Rao to AITUC, Karnataka Govt. & Govt. of India on Issues like - Printing fake KSTRC tickets by Karkataka Transport Minister Shri Bheemanna Khandre; Industrial strike 9/9/93; KSRTC wage settlement - Immoral decision by State Govt.; Report on KSRTC Strike; Memorandum; Resolution of CEC of KSRTC; Bifurcation of BTS from KSRTC; Monthly Reports by Annanthsubba Rao on AITUC Karnataka activities for 1993 - very interesting; Chemical Employees Union; 1st Conference of Mine Workers, Chitradurga; Com. H. Mahadevan's Letters; B.D.Joshi's Letter to AITUC & KSRTC of Karnataka;
60 17 1986-88 Kerala AITUC State committee report of Kerala sent by J.Chittaranjan (Gen.Sec,Kerala AITUC) giving idea of all struggles on ESI, Interim Relief; Coir, Cashew, Fisherman Industry struggles & other industries; Struggle on DA issue; Monthly Magazine of Construction Industry; AITUC Kerala State Conference; State conference of P & T employees; Corruption in Cochin Shipyard - A Struggle; Gratuity amendment bill; Referendum in Kerala state electricity board;
61 18 1985 O' Bhopal Various documents by International TUs and National TUs like AITUC, BMS, HMS, INTUC, CITU etc. and by other NGOs groups on Bhopal Gas Tragedy; Materials on AITUC's role;
62 18 1980-82 Madhya Pradesh Press Karmachari Union, Korba - 15 point demands; Annual meeting of small industries mazdoor union; Copy of M.P. Industrial relation (amendment) act 1981; Harassment of TU workers by employers; reemployment of retrenched employees; Death of Bhupesh Gupta; Chattisgarh Electricity Mazdoor Sabha; Indore Employees Union; Casual Labourers issue at Ordnance Factory, Khamaria; Problems in Modern Bakeries; Death of workers by Gwalior Rayons of Birlas; Charter of Demands by All India Pulp Paper & Board workers Federation and Indian National Paper Mill Workers' Federation;
63 19 1986 Mahatashtra AIBEA Wage Negotiations; Greaves Cotton & Allied Companies Employees Union; Maharashtra AITUC Gen. Council Meetings; 9th Dec 1987 March to Parliament; AITUC's Programmes against Rajiv Gandhi; 10th State Conference of MRTUC in Bombay; 7000 Bidi Workers 103 Day old Strike; Unorganized Sector Workers; Contract Labour Issue; Lock Out in Greves Cotton Comp; Judicial Matters of AITUC Maharashtra; Construction Unions; B.P. Union's 1 day token Strike; Morcha against Price Rise; Maharashtra AITUC State Council Meetings; TU school in Burnpur; Tata Oil Mills allied companies employees union; Bombay; Annual Report;
64 19 1958-59 Samiti (for Maharashtra) Lots of Letters by Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti of which Dange was Leader and AITUC and CPI 8 other reports etc. Complete History.
65 19 1980-82 Maharashtra Various letters from Com. Chitnis Gen.Sec AITUC, Maharashtra to AITUC Center on antivities of TU in State; Sept. 17th, 1982 protest day (NCC); Struggle & killings in Greves Cotton & GKU of AITUC with Datta Samant; July 8, 1982 one day protest & textile strike in Bombay Mills; Maharashtra State Textiles Conference; Conference of representatives of Cotton Textile workers in Spinning & Composite Mills in Maharashtra; Successfull Textile Strike; Arrest & Crackdown on Datta Samant; WC & of MRTUC; NRC employees union; AITUC Subsidy to GKU discontinued; Textile union of Coimbatore; Mahendra & Mahendra workers union report by B.S.Dhume; Lockout in Nasik of Greves Cotton;
66 19 1986-87 Andhra Convention of workers of Central public enterprises at Rasayani (AP); Secretariat level meeting of Hindustan Construction workers unions; Corruption by management at Hindustan Steel works construction Ltd.; Membership verification of union at Agnigundala lead project of Hindustan Zinc Ltd.; Meeting of Bank TUs; 9th Conference of AITUC Hyderabad Council; AITUC- CITU unity problems in Hindustan Shipyard Vizag; M.K.Phadnis circular on public sector; AP amendment act; Conference of conctruction workers; press statement by AITUC (AP); Interim Relief; PF; NTC cigarette factory workers; CPI (AP) on Mandal and Zila Parishad Elections; CITU-AITUC problems in Singarani Colliery;
67 20 1985-88 Manipur Regarding problems of retrenchment, casualisation, corruption, adhocism and improvement in MSRTC; Affiliation of AMTUC & AMGEO with AITUC; victimisation of INTUC activities by Gen Manager of MSRTC;
68 21 1980 Meghalaya Pamphlets by Meghalaya AITUC's state level convention on 29th Oct. 1981 in state library Shillong against price rise and economic policies; INTUC unmasked; Report of Gen. Sec, Meghalaya AITUC 1st Conference in Shillong on 20/12/80.
69 21 1983 Meghalaya Letters to Power Minister Govt. of Meghalaya on corruption and mismanagement by Management of MESEB and Charter of Demand of Meghalaya State Electronic Supply Workers Union;
70 21 1988 Meghalaya Medieval atrocities of Aire & Fire of Khasi workers in Meghalaya plywood Ltd., Byrnihat;
71 22 1961 Barbil Case Letters from Orrissa to AITUC Center; Legal Documents and other letters on Barbil Case, Orrissa;
72 22 1983 Orissa Indefinite Strike in Orient Paper Mills at Brajrajnagar owned by Birlas; Successful Strike preventing Retrenchment of 25,000 Miners in Keonjhar / Sundergarh Mines; Orissa State working peoples convention; Struggle in Barbil; Memo to Orissa CM on Orient Paper Mill; Struggle for minimum wages; Success in Lay off compensation and full wage at Hirakud Aluminum Plant; Orissa State TU Convention; Lock out in Orient paper mill;
73 22 1988-91 Orissa Strike notice by Kansbahal Mazdoor Union; Utkal State AITUC Convention on Privatiozation; Discussions AITUC Orissa state sect; Esskay Machinary Employees TU - Office Bearers; Strike notice by orissa left irrigation corporation employees union; Report of Orissa State Council AITUC; Victory of CPI MLA from Brajrajnagar; Charter of demands by various TUs; Attack by Congress onAITUC TU leaders; Letter to Com. Chaturanan Mishra;
74 23 1984-88 Pondicherry Pondicherry Paper Mill Demands take over by Govt. of India; A.B.Bardhan on AITUC's struggles Black Bills of Rajiv Gandhi Regime; Anglo- French Textile Mills Issue; Manipur - Memo of Action Committee for Loktak Project Affected people to CM Manipur;
75 24 1988 Punjab Employees provident fund issue; confederation of Transport workers, Hosiarpur; attack by terrorist; Invitation to Com. Satpal Dang; Regularise workers of Beas construction board (BCB); Protest day against anti- labour bills in Amritsar, 27th July'88; Punjab fighting fund; Transfers problem in BCB; PF irregularities in Modi Spinning and weaving mills; Gratiuity issue; Fight against computerisation in Bhakra Beas Management creating unemployment; Demands of workers of Hydro electric projects; Revision upward of minimum wages of Brick Kiln Industries;
76 24 1984-85 Punjab Anandpur Sahib Hydel Project - AITUC movement against retrenchment of over 6000 to 50,000 workers; Pong dam project - retrenchment and gratuity; DA abolished from minimum wage in Punjab; FCI godowns empty- Adm- contractor lobby's corruption; Punjab Maize products Ltd. Sangrur (PSU) being closed down due to corruption by management - 300 workers jobless; Industrialisation of Nangal area; Report of 13th conference of Punjab AITUC - 16/11/84- Ref. to various struggle; Report on TU unity adopted at Jalandhar in 13th AITUC conference; Harassment of Mill workers; 3rd Election of TU council, Nangal; PF Scandal in HAL Bangalore - Praduman Singh; Struggle against Communalism - Madan Lal Didi, Satpal Dang, Baba Kartar Singh, Omprakash Mehta etc, Meetings; Communal Peace - Railway Federation; Harcharan Singh;
77 25 1975 Rajasthan Letters on sending Com. Roza Deshpande to International Consultative Conference of Medical Workers Trade Unions in Moscow 21-23 Oct.1975; Exchange of Delegates between TUs of USSR and India in 1975; Election of ILO Governing Body during 60th Session of ILC in June 1975; Visit of 3 men delegation from USSR to India; Letter on it from Ministry of Energy Shri K.K.Pant; Letter to Com. Ranen Sen from Nadezlida Grigorieva, President Medical Workers Union;
78 25   Goa M/s Govind Roy Oxygen Signs Settlement; Goa TUs and Traditional workers coordinstion committee meeting on future course of action; 2nd conference of Goa Trade and commercial worker unions; agitation for Konkani Language as State language; Workers of M/s Goa Transport Ltd. One day Strike; Protest and demand by workers of churches; settlement with M/s Zuari Marine Industries Pvt. Ltd; Convention; Decisions of Meeting by GT & (WC) on 19th Oct. 1984; All Goa Indefinite Strike from 2nd week of Sept 1984; Satari Farm workers and Hindustan Ciba & Wyeth Farms workers protest; Complaint by workers at Chapora Bridge; Colvale on Change of Designations Unilaterally; Coal Mines demands; Conflict with Min of Labour, Goa; Coordination committee meetings on many issues and TU Action; Jobs at Mandovi Relief Project; Paper Cuttings; Satyagraha and Jail Bharo; All Goa Mine workers Conf and Mass Rally on 11-12 Nov. 1983;
79 26 1988 Tamilnadu Affiliations; 6000 TN Tea Plantation Corp. Workers strike; Agitation in support of agricultural workers and farmers; election of office bearers in smaller unions; Joint action council meeting to fight non- payment of interim relief of various unions under TN Electricity Board; Case of Com. Mahendravel's Transfer; Proceeding of EC meeting of TN AITUC; NC meeting of AITUC in Delhi; Madras Harbour Workers problems; Complaint by Com. S.P.Krishnan; Notice of 3 day strike- Hindustan Photo Film Company; Problems of workers in M/s Burns standard and Meenskshi mills; AM Gopu's letter on united action against ever increasing Closures in Tamilnadu;
80 26 1990 Tamilnadu Joint State by AITUC and Other TUs; AITUC on action against killing of Shankar Guha Niyogi; Preparation for Nov. 18th & 29th Nov. 1991 All India Actions; Minimum Wages amendment; Employees Pension Scheme and ESI; E.C. of TN AITUC; P.E. Scheme defects of Beedi Workers; AITUC Gen Council; 19th Aug. 1991 Dharna in All TN Industrial Towns; Regularization of Avadi FCI contract workers; Dange's Death; Ill Health of Com. Siddhanta; Wage & D.A. Demands of TN Plantation workers;
81 26 1980-82 Tamilnadu Letters on problems of All India Bidi, Cigar & Tobacco workers Federation; Charter of demands of employees of Atomic Power Project (Madras); Sanitary Workers Demands; Nevelyi Lignite Corporation (NLC); Strike at KCP Ltd.; NCC & TN, AITUC Joint Struggle, Dharna etc.; TUI Metals Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria; Sri Lanka's treatment of Tamils; WC & GC Meetings of AITUC (TN); Kanyakumari Dist. Cooperative Employees Conference; Decisions of TU Dept. (TW); Problems of Kalpakkam Atomic Power Employees; Employees of Central State Farms - Wage problems; 9th Conference of TN, AITUC; Defence Employees Problems;
82 26 1980-85 Assam Freedom and list of AITUC Dibrugarh Dist. Council; Non implementation of wage settlement of plywood industry workers; Assam AITUC fights price- rise agitation state wide activity; Death of Barin Chowdhry Assam AITUC leader; Regularization of casual workers issue in various pvt.sector industries eg. oil; Decision of AITUC (Assam) Gen. Council AITUC Assam secretary's reports; conference of Assam Motor Workers Union; Regional minimum wage conference;
83 26 1983-85 Tamilnadu 10 Lakh workers and agricultural labourers strike support teachers, Fisherment and NGOs in TN; Com K.T.K., Com. Sanu and Thiagragan's 7 day Hunger Strike against Management of Kannadaswamy Spinning Mills; WC AITUC meeting; Complaint to police against illegal activities against labourer in Korukku pet Railway Yard; Affiliation; "Save Public Sector Week" by TN AITUC in All Textile and other industries observed; strike notice by employees of Kalpakkam Atomic Power Plant; Kalyan Sundaram vs TN AITUC Problems; DA issues & NCC; Memo to 4th Pay Commission of TN Govt.; Gen Strike in 12 Sept 1984; 5000 worker court arrest; Reopen Buckingham & Carnatic Mills - 8000 workers Brave Lathi charge March on Assembly; Wage settlement in Hindustan Photo Files; Tanjavur Peasantry;
84 28 1985 Moradabad Metal Workers Letter by AITUC's Raj Bahadur Gour to V.P.Singh and N.D.Tiwari on condition and problems of Moradabad Metal Workers;
85 29 1983 West Bengal 37th Annual Gen. Meeting of Burns Employees Union; Resolutions; Issue of Nationalization of National Rubber & Inch Tyers; Calcutta; Legislation to protect workers against illegal closures of establishments; WC meeting of water front workers federation of India; 4th Annual delegates conference of Shipping Employees Federation; Annual Conference of Textile workers Union, Mohini Mills and CSIR Employees & Workers Union; Consumer price index issue; Mismanagement and corruption in Burns Standard; Sudden reconstitution of Bengal State labour committee; Dharna by Eastern Railway Workers Union; HMS splits; Hindustan cables labour union conference; Merger of two Unions; 10 workers of Calcutta Port & Dock victimised; AITUC union affiliates with INTUC;
86 29 1988 W.Bengal AITUC in support of National Campaign for Housing Rights Convention of Municipal Workers (Hyderabad); NCC & AITUC; G.C. meeting and Gen Sec W.B. AITUC's Report; Introduction of Industrial Relation Bill; Convention of Local Bodies Employees, Jalgaon; Bidi workers Dharna at Raj Bhawan, Calcutta; Interim Relief - NJMS Mills; W.B. Electricity Workers Struggle; Struggle led by A.B.Bardhan of DVC Electricity Workers; Jyoti Basu letter to PM Rajiv Gandhi on Interim Relief to PSU; IDAL workers problem of threat to closure; Complaint against Y.D.Sharma;
87 30 1984-88 CITU Petition by one lakh textile workers to speaker of Lok Sabha; Invitation; Protest by CITU on Non- Invitation to National Safety Conference CITU - AITUC Rivalary; National Committee; Attacks by CITU Workers; 21st Jan 1986 Strike; The working class magazine; CITU protests standing labour committee; Indian Labour conference; Bhopal Gas Tragedy;
88 31 1960 HMS Correspondence Hind Mazdoor Nov - Dec 1974 Issue; The Strike of Central Govt. Employees 12 July - 16 July 1960 HMS Publication; HMS Statement on Attack on Central Govt. Employees; HMS Executive’s call; Pamphlet Trade Unions : Beware of Street Facts; Extracts from General Secretary’s Report of HMS’s 8th Annual Convention; Note;
89 31 1985-88 HMS Letters on National Campaign Committee of all TUs to fight anti- worker legislation like TU & ID ammendment Bills, Hospitals & Institutional Bills etc. and Communalism; Meeting of CPSTU; Joint Committee Meeting at Coimbatore; Fight against S.C.Judgement on removal / dismissal of Govt. Employees; Drastic Cut in Wage Orders of Production in Burnpur, Bengal and effect on workers retrenchment; Issues of Magazine Hind Mazdoor from 1985-87; etc.
90 32 1960 UTUC correspondence 4th All India Conference of UTUC at Calcutta; UTUC and WFTU; Jatin Chakravarty MLA and Secretary UTUC conference at Hashimara, Jalpaiguri; Death of TU Leader Secretary UTUC Com. Sisir Roy;
91 33 1984-87 UTUC UTUC made Member of WFTU; Document and Letters of 17th All India Conference UTUC (Lenin Sarani) 21 - 23 Nov. 1985; List of office bearers; NCC;
92 40 1982 Miscelaneous Copy of "Forward" a magazine by Nigerian working class; Copy of "Jahaz Karmachari" organ of shipping employees federation of India (SEFI) July, 1983 issue; Press release on killing of central committee member of Tudeh Party by Indian representatives; BKMU's call of strike on July 15th 1983 for bringing legislation on agricultural workers;
93 42 1972 Papers on Joint Meeting Various documents of joint meeting of INTUC, AITUC, & HMS - Common Points; Press Release of Meeting; Joint Condemnation of proposed industrial relations bill; Record note of NCTU meeting, Bombay 10 Nov.1972; Secret Proposals for Comprehensive Industrial Relations Law; National Council of Trade Unions Meet; Letter by R.P. Billimoria & Document; Note by INTUC; Draft Proposal;
94 42 1978 Fraternal TUs Correspondence on WFTU Gen Council; Appeal to AITUC for help from Zimbabwe African Congress of Unions after attack on Oct. 19 & Nov. 2, 1978 by Rhodesian Air Raid on Zapu victims; Invitation by Com. Britto of Cyleon's Transport Workers' Union for 21st Session of Union to AITUC; Letter from the Gen. Council of TUs of Japan; AITUC letters to President of Sudan Mr. Gaffar Mohammad Numeri on the arrest of Qassim Amina, Leader of TU movement in Sudan; From Gen. Fed of TU of Korea Central Committee to AITUC; Phillines TU to AITUC; Letter from AITUC to King Hussain of Jordan protesting attack on working class; invitation to AITUC from Vietnamese TU to Hanoi; Institute for Asian Labour studies to AITUC; Strike by Turkish Metallurgical Workers TU; AITUC Circular;
95 42 1988 NCC ( National Campaign Committee of TUS) On fight against consumer price index fraud by Govt. of India; NCC meeting for central legislation on construction labour; against anti-labour bills e.g. Indu disputes (amendment bill); TU Bill; TU Bill, Institutions Bill & Hospitals Bill; Letter Rajiv Gandhi asking him not to break strike by Naur's Pilots by sending Indian Pilots; Problems between AP- CITU & AP AITUC; NCC report presented at Talkatora Stadium; Electricity Workers Strike; Mishaps & Death of workers in Anand Lamps Industries (Punjab) Letter to P.M., President etc.; NCC Mass Protest in front of parliament on April 18th 1987;
96 42 1993 N.C.C. List of Pamphlets and correspondence on activities of the national platform for mass organisations (NPMO) on 20th April, '94; NPMO against GATT & NEP; March to Parliament on April 5th 1994; 7th Dec, 1993 as "Black Day"; Meetings of sponsoring committee; Letters by George Fernandes (HMS); B.K.Lahiri; Japanese TUs; BEL wage revision; 19th August 1993 Jail Bharo Andolan against GATT & NEP; Resolutions of National Convention of NPMO against Economic Policy and Communalism at Talkatora Stadium on 15th April, 1993 for country wide strike for 9th Sept.'93; Delhi Police arrrests peace marchers 15 Dec. '92; Note of Dissent on the Declaration of the NPMO by CPI (ML) TU and Students front AISA; Decision at Talkatora Stadium of NPMO meeting 23 March'93; M.K.Pharde statement condemning communal violence in Gujarat and Maharashtra; Bharat Bandh April 14th, 1993;
97 42 1978-81 Central Trade Unions Organisations Various letters from organisation like CITU, BMS, HMS, INTUC, Gujarat Trade Union Council State Committee AITUC on various issues like GM Haryana Roadways Judgement; 1 day Strike call by All Coordination Committee of working workers on 22 Nov. 1981; All India Steel Workers Convention ( Durgapur) W.Bengal; IFTU; UTUC; CITU - Case of Gopichand Textile Mills; UTUC ( Lenin Sarani) ; Akhil Bhartiya Vidyut Mazdoor Sangh on Bonus Act; J.C.Ryons Case; BMS's 6th Bienial conference, 1981, Calcutta; Solidarity Day 15th April 1981; 67th Session of ILO, Geneva; Biennial Conference of HMS; Struggle of Joint Public Sector; Gujarati TUs; Letter by HMS to PM Indira Gandhi; Public Sector Workers Action Committee;
98 42 1986-87 NCC Various pamphlets by National Campaign Committee of Trade Unions (NCC) on defending public sector, against lockout, May day, joint rally in Punjab, against labour bills; Consumer Price Index Fraud; 16 April Protest Day; Meeting with industrial federations; Activities in Orissa; Feb, 26 1986 Bandh; Railwaymen's problems; letters by George Fernandes and against his and Dutta Samant's opportunism;
99 42 1990-91 NCC BMS views on Eco Situation and consumer price index; Various other pamphlets by NCC on Eco Policies all India Bandh Strike etc; Letter to Ramamurthy and Rambilas Paswan both Minister of Labour; For Info to WC Members of AITUC on Privatisation; Letters from Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer, Chairman NCC to AITUC; Oct. 12th 1990 PSU's workers go on Strike; Joint fights against communalism and economic policies;
100 42   Documents on All India Strike from 14th to 20th March 1988 and Bharat Bandh on March 15th 1988. Various letters from many states on success or failures of March 15th 1988;
101 43 1960 Central Pay Commission by civil aviation dept employees union-debate on general strike; central Govt. employees strike; repression - some facts; planning ignores employment & wage levels:--no thought to price aspect;
102 43 1960 Central Pay Commission meeting of rep. of all India defence employees fed; resolution of biennial conf. of Indian defense employees federation; coordination committee on pay commission; statement of F.M.;
103 43 1961 Central Pay Commission Question & Answers & statements in Lok Sabha;
104 43 1985-87 Central/ State Govt. Employees' Union/ Federations D.A. issue of central govt. employees; Problems of Border roads employees welfare union; Article in Jansatta; on Supreme court judgement on central govt. employees;
105 43 1989-91 Central Govt. Employees Letter opposing effects of New Industrial Policy on Central Govt. Employees; Declaration of All India Convention of Central Govt. Employees & Workers; Pay Problems of UT Employees of Chandigarh; Anomaly of assistant pay; Mass Rally of Central Govt. Employees; Conf of PWD workers; Memo of Central Govt. Hospital Workers; Non- appointment of permanent wage review body as part of VI Central Pay Commission for Central Govt. Employees;
106 44 1959 Correspondence of Railway Unions & various other T.Us with AITUC center Letter to Nehru on corruption in income tax audit; Annual conference of All India Railways’ Ministerial Staff Association;
107 44 1961 Railways Letters by various Railway Unions to AITUC leadership,Pd. Nehru PM; and others on many issues and struggles; unions e.g. Dakshin Railway Union; N.E.Railways,etc;
108 44 1961 Railways Dakshin Railway Employee Union; AIRF meetings; National Railway Mazdoor Union, Bombay; Southern Railways Conf. Porters Union; Victimization in S.E.Railways;
109 44 1979 Soviet Invitation - Railway Federation 3 Member delegation of Railway Employees Federation i.e. Indian Railway Workers Federation (IRWF) invited by Central Workers Unions of USSR in 1979; AITUC Member to attend Yugoslav - Indian Trade Union Seminar at Belgrade 26 Sept.- 8th Oct. 1979;
110 46 1959 P & T Employees correspondence mainly on various annual conferences by various P & T unions and letters by unions on struggle to get interim relief & 2nd pay commission implementation;
111 46 1960 P & T Letters of strike by all India Telegraph engineering employees union class III & all India RMS employees union; mail guards class IV; victimization; charge sheet; resolutions of coordinating committee of P & T Unions; EC meeting of national federation of P & T employees; Paper cutting.
112 46 1961 P & T Letter to ministry of communications; Letter to Dange; Reinstatement of central Govt. employees; Resolutions of the federal e c of NFPTE;
113 46 1988-91 P & T Federation Irregularities in voting process in All India Conference of AITUC at Bhopal - Complaints; Problems of Extra Departmental Employees of Telecom Deptt.; Indefinite Strike by Telecom Employees for Interim relief and its postponement; Casual Labour Issue; Telecom Employees of Jammu; All India Conf of Postmen;
114 47 1960 DEFENCE INDUSTRIES Strike by Defence Workers of Delhi Region against pay commission report; All India Defence Employees Federation(Bengal region); Biennial Conf. Of AIDEF; conf of Military Engineer Services Employees Union;
115 47 1961 DEFENCE INDUSTRIES AIDEF's CONF. Letter to home Min; to Nehru; Metal and Engg. Workers; Jamnagar; Jabalpur;
116 48 1992 Geological Survey of India employees association Letter & Document from Com. D.K. Chhangani on 11th All India Conference (1992) of GSI Employees Association Draft Report of Activities of TUs added.
117 51 1960 Banks 14th annual conference of Bank employees, Moradabad; Resolurions; Hunger Strike; charters of demands; Paper cuttings; Q & A in Lok Sabha; appeal & other documents;
118 51 1961 Banks Letters on Bonus & Bonus commission issue; Papers of National Industrial Tribunal, Bombay; Dange’s Statement in Tribunal;
119 51 1984 AIBEA Pamphlets of AIBEA on various issues : Bhopal Gas Tragedy; Death of Prabhat Kar; Conf. of AIBEA postponed; Tarkeswar Chakravarti's Speech at TUI of Public & Allied Employees; Peace Marches by Bank Employees in Delhi on Death of Mrs. Gandhi; Letter to Mrs. Gandhi on Problem of SBI; 4th Bipartite settlement in Banking Industry; Competition in India overseas banks Varanasi; RBI's Employees' Association 51st Annual GBM; Protest Strike 6-7-1984; 22nd Biennial Report of Bank of Maharashtra Employees Union; United Bank of India Employees Association; Conference of Delhi State Bank Employees Federation;
120 51 1988 AIBEA Vth Bipartite wage negotiations; harrasment of Canara Bank employees in Bhatinda; Expulsion on employees in Bhiar State Allahabad Bank; Full day Strike 28-9-88 All India; Opposing amendments to ID & TU Acts; PNB employees struggle; Letter by AITUC's Raj Bahadur Gour to V.P.Singh and N.D.Tiwari on condition & problems of Moradabad Metal Workers;
121 53 1987-88 GIC Press Statement by Gen. Insurance Employees All India Association to go on strike on 15th March 1988; Death of Insurance Employees TU leader Com. J.G.Kothare; Copies of Insurance Employees Journal - Bima Karmi, and Vima Kamgar;
122 53 1989-90 Rubber Conclusions & Action taken on tripartite technical meeting for leather & footwear industry - Questionnaire; Bata workers union conference and office bearers;
123 54 1984-88 Evidence before Joint Committee on LIC Bill Various letters from S.M. Banerjee to P.M. Mrs. Indira Gandhi against splitting LIC; Detailed Copy of evidence given by Com. Raj Bahadur Gour and Com. S.K.Sanyal to Joint Committee on LIC Bill; Press Statement against falsification by Shri Dagga, Govt. of India official on issue; Memo to select committee of Parliament in total opposition to bill on LIC's split up- submitted by All India LIC Employees Fed.; Copy of LIC Bill, 1983;
124 54 1984-88 LIC Employees Federation Relay Hunger Strike in BALCO; Legal Cases against AITUC comrades; Letters on conferences by various LIC and Bank Employees Unions; LIC- Bank coordination on wage negotiations; Intra Problems between president & Gen. Sec in All India LIC Employees Federation; Textile issues and TUs; Merits of Money back LIC policy; Parliament March; AITUC and Indrajit Gupta's successful effort at stopping the Split of LIC;
125 54 1989-91 LIC Contains various letters on many aspects of struggles and problems of LIC workers for e.g. conferences by various LIC TU s; LIC TU Schools; various issues of Vima Kamgar, a monthly bulletin on LIC employees federation; Letters on various talks with Ministry on D.A., Bonus, New Wage Rises; A.V. Nachane, Gen.Sec All India LIC Employees Federation to Homi Daji on TU Act and Industrial diasputes act changes; All India Bank Employees Association on Bonus; Wage Negotiations of LIC; Wage Deal of LIC; Jamshedpur LIC Conference;
126 55 1987 NPCC Fedn Protest/Retrenchment at Tata Consultant Agency; Victimization of AITUC Leaders at Bairasiul Project; Descriminatory Treatment of Workers of Bhakra Beas Project by Chairman; Conferences of various TUs in Construction Industry; Corruption by Mr. Mebra, Chairman of NPCC - Letters, Protest etc. to President of India; Lock out of NPCC Dharasu Unit; Tripartite Meeting of Building & Construction Industry; Preparatory Committee Meetings for Holding Construction Workers Convention; Arrest of Dwarka Singh (AITUC TU Leader); Affiliation; NTPC - 1day Strike 21/1/87;
127 55 1988 NPCC National workshop by national productivity Council; Problems and strike by workers of Beas Construction Board (Power Wing) - Demands, demonstration & strike; TUI of construction workers in Berlin; NPCC workers strike against corruption & attack on workers strike on demands at Nehru Place; Pamphlet by NPCC workers;
128 57 1981 BHEL - Com. Indrajit Gupta Joint Committee Meetings; Political Transfers; Letters to Basu on assault of AITUC employees of BHEL; Satyagraha by Sikidiri Employees; Bharat Bandh & Strike; Shift Changes Issue; 2nd Conference of BHEL Union Report on Industry by Gen. Sec. N.C.Dutta; Indefinite Strike by Power Projects & Services Division (BHEL) workers;
129 57 1982 BHEL Transfer Problem; Non- recognition and wage revision; BHEL welders demands; Charter of demands and working conditions; BHEL workers' convention; joint committee meetings; Indefinite Strike; Creation of New Org.- BHEL Mazdoor Center - Report from BHEL Mazdoor Unions direct action by BHEL Employees;
130 57 1983-84 BHEL Legal Defence of BHEL Workers to SC; Droughtsmen's Problems; Political Transfer of Employees, Mahendravel; Joint Meeting on Production & Productivity; Death of Kalyan Sundaram; Homi Daji on Changes to Industrial Disputes & TU Acts; Bharat Bandh March 1988; Air India Employees; Contract System; Charter of Demands of BHEL Employees; Petition against constituted joint committee; One day Strike; Confidential Letter to Jyoti Basu; Letter to N.D. Tiwari; Chargesheet against Com. Thangamani; BMS letter;
131 57 1989-90/94 Heavy Electricals employees Letters on visits of various AITUC leaders abroad; Letter from N.Korea; Symposium on Economic Development & Trade Union Work in Asia at Guangdong Province China May 13-19, 1993; Indian Telecom Service Association Pamphlet on Sale of Telecom Deptt. to MNCs; Indrajit Gupta's letter; Trade commission of TUI - Organisation of work;
132 58 1959 PORTS; SEAFARERS UNIONS Cochin Port Cargo Labour Union on violationof code of discipline by management agreed at tripartite; intimidiation by diff unions in Cochin; all India Seaman's Fed.-assault; Bulletin; Pamplets; Calcutta; Madras; retrenchment of cochin casual worker; dismissal of employees in Vizag; Min. Wage in Petroleum refineries; Timber Scandal in Hindustan Shpyard|(pvt) ltd; etc.
133 58 1960 PORTS &DOCK WORKERS UNIONS. 2nd Harbour Workers Conf.; Letters to Dange, Nehru, G.L.Nanda, ; Demands of Calcutta Port Workers Union; Jeejeebhoy Committee; Bombay; Cochin-victimization; police firing in Vizag;
134 58 1961 PORTS&DOCKS Calcutta Ports &Dock Workers Union-issues,letters,demands, struggles; Madras Harbour Workers Union-meeting of general council; Shipping Employees Federation of Bombay; Victory of Scindia Employees Union in the struggle; Hindustan Shipyard Labour Union; to Dange on Vizag Port Strike;
135 58 1988 Port & Dock Death of (G.S.) A.K.Shah of Kandla Port workers union; ILO/NAF seminar on transportation and handling of Cargo; strike notice by Port & Dock workers Federation; Report of N.P.C. on Norms & Manpower for Cargo Handling operations; Affiliations; Pension Case of Port workers; Corruption in hand allotment of Kandla P.T.; Strike Notice by Port Workers for 22 June 1988;
136 58 1989 Madras Port & Dock Case & Document expelling Shri Gopalakrishnan from the Primary Membership and all posts of Madras Port United Labour Union; Irregularities in Appointments to Board of Trustees of Madras Port Trust; Problems of Accounts in Madras Port United Labour Union; VI National Conf. of Port, Dock & Water front workers federation of India (Kandla) Gen. Secretary's Report; Agreements on Wage and Allowances increase; GBM (Annual) of Madras port Trust Railwaymen's Union; Internal Problems in Union;
137 58 1984-87 Port & Dock Workers Federation Problems, Strikes, Struggles, Memos of Aggrement and settlements on various ports and docks of Madras, Calcutta, Visakhapatnam, Tuticorin, Kandla, Paradip, on issues of casualisation; Cargo loading workers; Bonus, Gratuity; Verification, Gonda Unions attacks on AITUC; long hunger strike by Com Loknath Choudhry at Paradip Port; Meetings conference, Resolutions and Memorandum of settlement and charter of demands by various unions;
138 59 1987 Public Sector Protests against not having wage settlement and interim relief in PSE; Strike in Hindustan Photo Films; BEL employees mass protest against contractualization and privatization; workshop on wage revision and interim relief; Pamphlets by Joint Action Front of Banglore based central public sector employees unions; charter of demands BEL; BALCO; Committee of Public Sector TU s; Pamphlets by AITUC center; Drug Industry; NCC; AITUC - Shankar Guha Niyogi conflict;
139 59 1988 Gujarat Rally by 40,000 workers of AITUC in Baroda and convention against Labour Bills & various state level issues; Pamphlets & letters in Gujarati language; Notification on Industrial Relations; Protest against decision by Gujarat Labour Minister to withdraw a notification on minimum wages for 1.3 lakh workers in Garment Industry and Tailoring Firms; Bank Employees Association problems & financial scandals; Strikes and rally against petrol price hike;
140 59 1991 Public Sector Special Tripartite Committee; Pamphlets by National Confederation of officers' association of central public sector undertakings - against privatization; National workshop on demands & wage revision by CPSTU; Joint action front's activities and pamphlets; Convention; Complaint to ILO against Govt. of India; Privatisation of M/S Bharat Opthalmic glass ltd.; AITUC WC pamphlets; Letters to Madhu Dandvate (FM) and Ramvilas Paswan, Min. of Labour; PSUs to go for country wide agitation against DA issue; Article by K.L. Mahendra on Role of the working class in public sector; Pamphlets of CPSTUs; Info. Bulletin of NCOA; Air India Strike;
141 59 1987-88 Karnataka KSTRC Press Handout on demands; AITUC action against BEL's Taloga Unit; AITUC - CITU conflict over secret ballot in BEL union; M.S.Krishnan's Note on certain developments in the public sector; WC decisions of workshop division of Railway Labour Union; Memo submitted in Press council submitted by AITUC on two bills by Hegde Govt.; UBS Publishers workers struggle against management; letters to Indrajit Gupta (G.Sec) AITUC from Karnataka AITUC on State Level Activities; ITC Strike called off; 15 March 1988 Bharat Bandh; Death of S.M.Banerjee;
142 59 1989-91 ONGC Publication on "National Campaign on dust related lung diseases" by NGO - PRIA; Oil workers Association change in office bearers; ONGC contingent & next of kin of dead sangarsh samiti - Dharna at Dehradun Oil Bhawan; GBM & election of eastern cylinders workers union, Balasore;
143 61 1959 Kulti (Burnpur) iron & steel Correspondence from Burnpur (Kulti) Steel Plant on various issues : Citizenship issue of Tahir Hussain MLA; Issues dealt by AITUC Union united Iron & steel workers union of- Profit sharing; Illegal shut down strike call by INTUC union at Kulti works; Basic wages; Question of recognition & affiliation; Breach of code of discipline by company; memorandum to S.A. Dange; retrenchment & letters to W.Bengal Govt. & Jyoti Basu;
144 61 1959 Bhilai & Rourkela Bhilai struggle diary by AITUC organizer; Second report on Bhilai Steel Plant; Letters by Mohan Das to AITUC on other Mines; Bhilai Steel Plant workers bulletin; May Day notice .
145 61 1960 Burnpur (Kulti ) Steel profit sharing bonus issue; second special conference 5-6 Nov, ’1960 Gen. Secy’s report of united iron & steel workers union; Strike notice; Letter to CM W. Bengal on discriminatory attitude to union; Bengali, Urdu Circulars; Decision of 4th annual conference of union for 22nd July 1960; Verification of membership issue with labor commissioner of union;
146 61 1960 Durgapur (Steel) Letter from Nihar Mukharjee, Secy; National federation of metal and engineering workers of India to AITUC & others; Letter by Jyoti Basu, President Brait waite Shramik Union to com. Dange; Pamphlet on mass meeting for 8th July by Nihar Mukharjee; Membership Form of Union; Confidential documents on Durgapur Project; Brochure on Durgapur Project .
147 61 1960 Jamshedpur (Steel ) Letter to Dange by Kedar Das (JMU) on dealing with conspiracy case; need for financial support; Judgements of standing orders’ case - Letter from national federation of metal & engineering workers ; Case on standing order in labor court; IPA news release; Bomb explosion in Jamshedpur union ; resolutions passed; Dismissal orders by TISCO; Question in Lok Sabha ;
148 61 1960 Jamshedpur (Steel ) correspondence by Kedar Das to AITUC & others on issues of - charge sheeting of workers; Letter to PM & CM on anti Bengali & South Indian activities of Bihar Kalyan Sangh; Resolution passed in mass rally 7/8/60 ; Judgement on Jamshedpur conspiracy case;
149 61 1960 Bhilai (Steel ) Lok Sabha Q & A ; Correspondence between Prakash Ray & Mohan Rao; pamphlets by national federation for metal & engineering workers of India on stopping recruitment; Paper cuttings;
150 61 1960 Rourkela (Steel) correspondence on - termination of Ajit Kumar Roy of Rourkela Management; Question of “Are regular workers temporary”; Question in Lok Sabha; Magazine - Raurkela Review Oct. 1960 issue.
151 61 1961 Durgapur (Steel ) correspondence by Hindustan Steel employees’ Union, Durgapur to AITUC, Dange, General Manager Durgapur Steel Plant, & Govt. of India . Letters deal with issues of retrenchment, constitution of wage board and other demands.
152 61 1961 Bhilai (Steel ) correspondence by Bhilai Steel Mazdoor Sabha on- report on steel industry in India; Letters on victimization in steel plant; various resolution passed by union; Pamphlet by union on mass rally on 19th Nov.’61; Confidential circular by G. Manager Bhilai Steel Works;
153 61 1961 Burnpur (Steel) Letters by united iron & steel workers’ union to AITUC & other issues; copy of Iron ore Mines labor welfare cess bill 1961 as intrduced in Lok Sabha; urgent demand for constitution of wage board for iron & steel workers - decision of united struggle meeting of coordination committee;
154 61 1961 Rourkela (Steel) Massive Retrenchment of over 400 workers in R.S.P.; Muster Roll Satyagraha; Letters to PM, CM, and Labor officials; Question in Lok Sabha;
155 61 1980 Joint Meeting of SAIL Letter & full document of joint meeting of SAIL on Production & Productivity.
156 61 1981 Steel Inter Union rivalary at Durgapur; Organizational problems at Kulti; Election of office-bearers at Bhilai steel mazdoor sabha; Rourkela Protest Day; Contract workers strike; Strike in Durgapur; National Joint Committee for Steel Industry (NJCSI); JMU dismissal case; AITUC Gen. Council; Split in Alloy Shramik Union; Standardisation Committee; Strike Notice by Durgapur Blast Furnace & Sinter Plant Workers; Joint Forum meeting of steel workers TUs; Relay Hunger Strike in BSP; Booklets on Bhilai Steel Plant; Magazines - Durgapur Steel Tikings; SAIL News; Ispat Samvad;
157 61 1981 8th Joint Meeting of SAIL on Production & Productivity Full Copy of Discussions etc. of 8th Joint Meeting of SAIL on Production & Productivity;
158 61 1981 SAIL - Joint meeting Documents on NJCS; SAIL Press Release; 7th Joint Meeting of SAIL on Production & Productivity neld on 8th April, 1981, New Delhi;
159 61 1982 Steel Contains Letters on important events & issues like Gaya Singh - WFTU of TUI of Metal Industry; Parleys between AITUC & HMS (Vashit & Kulkarni) group in Burnpur Kulti; Alloy steel Shramik Union, Durgapur convention and other letters on assault etc. United contractor workers' union - clash of ASP comrades; Resolutions of All India Steel Workers Convention; Vishveshvarya Steel Workers Association, Bhadravati; Demands; Standing Committee on Safety for Steel Industry; Alloy Steel Shramik Union - Charter of Demands; Minutes of Meeting of Joint Forum; CITU;
160 61 1982 SAIL Minutes of 11th, 12th, 13th joint meeting of SAIL on Production & Productivity held in 1982; Alloy Steel Shramik Union - Issue of Inter Union Rivalary with INTUC and Recognition by SAIL;
161 61 1983 Steel Alloy Steel Shramik Union - Letters on Registration issue; Incentive Scheme issue of Indian Metal Workers Federation; Gaya Singh's letter on Standardisation committee meetings; Kulti workers brought in scope of Steel Industry Agreement; Workers convention at Kulti; Unfair partiality by management of BSP to INTUC union; Pamphlet on 4th Wage Agreement; Indrajit Gupta's message to JMU on occasion of Glorious Strike of 12 May 1958 at TISCO; Neutralisation rate on DA; Kamgar Thadardh Samiti; Copy of Memo to agreement reached by national joint committee for the Steel Industry;
162 61 1983 Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) Memo of demands submitted by A.P.Steels Navodaya Workers Union; Letters from M.L.Fotedar, Minister of Steel & Mines; Meetings of NJCS for Steel Industry; Recognition of TU in Hindustan Steel Works Construction Ltd. (HSCL); Visakhapatnam Steel Plant; Weekly News Digest- Newsletter by SAIL; Minutes of 18th, 16th, 15th & 14th Joint Meeting of SAIL on production & productivity held in 1983-84 period;
163 61 1984 Steel Various documentary letters etc. on steel industry & AITUC and other TU s involved in steel sector - meeting on abolition of contract labour in Iron Ore Mines; Charter of Demands by Bhilai Refractories Mazdoor Sabha, Bhilai; Indrajit Gupta to Sukomal Dutta, Rourkela AITUC Union and from; National Joint Committee for steel industry; 3rd All India Conference of Steel Workers Federation (Bhilai); Homi Daji to Sankar Sen of Durgapur Alloy Steel Karmachari Union on 2 day Strike;
164 61 1985 HSCL viability report placed by "Joint Committee of Employees" Paper cutting of strike in small Scale sector, Indian Express; Ahmedabad 21March 1986; HSCL viability report, copy;
165 61 1986 SAIL - Priorities for Action Letter & Document on Priorities for Action by SAIL Chairman to Indrajit Gupta;
166 61 1958-59 STEEL (BURNPUR, KULTI & BIDI COORKERS & ELECTRICITY COORKERS) Major struggle in Kult (Burnpur) steel works over Dearness Allowance, Police & Military (allied and other issues, boilers stopped in Burnpur, bidi workers union in Hukhoco, Tamil Nadu electricity workers federation, inaugural conference
167 61 1980-81 SAIL (Steel) Letter by Dy Chief Personnel Manager of Rourkela Steel Plant to AITUC TU for striking ; Strike violation letter by BSP officials to AITUC -TU; Association of SAIL employees & anomalies committee regarding pay; meetings of national joint committee for the steel industry; Gen. Report of 3rd Conference of All India Steel Workers Federation; Constitution of All India Steel Workers Federation; Joint meeting of SAIL production & productivity council; Iron and Steel Committee; Letter to SAIL Chairman by various TUs on issue of unilateral circular on wage fixation; National Seminar on Discipline in Coal, Steel & Power industries;
168 62 1961 TUI; TRANSPORT; PORT&FISHRIES Satish Chatterjee G-Sec of TUI Transport; All Pacific & Asian Dock Workers; WFTU; agreements;
169 62 1961 MOTOR TRANSPORT(PVT) Letters between K.G.Srivastava&from Tamil Nadu Motor Workers Fed.;
170 62 1961 AIR TRANSPORT pamplets By Aero Employees Union, W.Bengal; Air Transport placed on Schedule A-Demand for one cooperation &Total Nationalization; Letter to Humayun Kabir;
171 63 1988 Provident Fund Letter from AITUC to chairman law commission on PF issue; documents of 116th CISI meeting; office of central PF commissioner, Delhi & Addexures contain reports of inspections to various units; GOI gazette - copy of employees provident funds and miscellaneous provisions (amendment) Act; Direct action notice on PF issue by devicolam estates workers' union;
172 63 1986-88 ONGC Wage problems according to Cosumer Price Index in OIL to Minimum Wages Level; ONGC, Nazira - Special Duty Allowance for working in Eastern Region to workers; IOL workers Demand withdrawal of Industrial Relations Bill - Protest in Gauhati; Struggle against shifting of Oil India Ltd.'s office from Delhi to Assam and Payment of Interim Relief; Abolition of Casualisation & Contractualisation of Labour in Indian Oil Corporation; Silver Refinery, Calcutta - Problems; Imposition by Management of 3 Scales of Conveyor Belts for CV Cylinders in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (ND);
173 64 1989 Student Association & PWD workers Proceedings & Documents of 1st All India Conference of PWD Workers Federation at Nagpur, Maharashtra 11-13 Sept. 1989; Constitution of All India PWD workers federation;
174 65 1959 Rajasthan Electric and Water Worker Federation and Tamilnadu Electric Workers Federation and South Madras Electric Workers Union. Article on Rajasthan Electric and Water Workers Struggle; Report and recommendations of committee appointed to examine demands of Rajasthan electrical and water workers federation; Demands; Rationalization of Pay Scales; Govt. Documents of revised pay scales; Govt. decision on recommendations; Memorandum of agreement between staff and labor employed in south Madras electric supply corporation limited; Tamilnadu workers conference; Manipur electrin workers; Tamilonadu agreement;l G.L. Nanda;
175 65 1960 Electricity conference of Tamilnadu electricity workers fed; Indian electric workers Calcutta strike; Pamphlet by Madras union; Struggle of TN electricity workers against state electricity board;
176 65 1988 Electricity Pamphlets on executive committee meetings of All India Federation of Electricity Employees; TUI of Energy (WFTU) TU education workshop in Madras; Electricity workers campaign for Koodangulam N.Plant; Privatisation of one of the units BEL;
177 65 1993 Electricity Correspondence on problems & attacks on workers of various T.Us under different electricity boards and facing privatisation & entry of MNCs into Power Sector some e.g. are - NHPC (Kistwar, J&K) Technicians Idle Govt. gives contracts to Pvt. Sector; UPSEB Union; Bhakra Nangal & Beas T.Us; Rally by Electricity workers of Beas State Board; All India Federation of Electricity Employees A.B.Bardhan; AITUC workers in Baira Siuil Project and Chamara Project in H.P.; Rajasthan; 10th Conference of AIFEE - Resolution & Pension Scheme; 9th Annual Delegate conference on 20th June 1993 of Chamera workers and Empoyees Union (H.P.) AIFEE state conference at Madras; NHPC Union Office Bearers List; Charge-sheet against AITUC worker A.B. Sanyal at NTPC;
178 67 1984-88 Copper Intra and Inter Union Problems of Hindalco Pragatishil Mazdoor Sabha; Fatal fire in Dimapur in Malanjkhand Mines (M.P.); Hindustan Copper Ltd. Staff Association AITUC Union Threatens HCL Management from stopping interim relief; Recognition of union in Malanjkhand Mines; Charter of Demands - Negotiations at Malangkhand Copper Project Mines; Intra Union Problems of Maintaining balance between Jat & Gujar representation in Khetri Brach of ECL employees union;
179 67 1989-91 Copper Various problems of workers - housing, bonus; Danger of accidents; Selected office bearers; Strike agaainst non-implementation of wage negotiation; Khetri Tamba Shramik Sangh Conference and affiliation; Aluminum employees union of BALCO, Korba (M.P.); Demonstration in front of BALCO Headquarters; Attack on Union Employees by Goondas; Unskilled Labour and Safai Karmacharis' Problems;
180 68 1959 MINES (COAL MINES) Letters between AITUC & local level unions
181 68 1959 MINES (COAL MINES) Barbil, Keonjhar Orissa, Samyukta Khadan Mazdoor Sangh on struggle path, pamplets, paper cuttings against B.N.C., Mills closure, report on condition, workers at Bhilai, CPI, M.P. Vital Rao, Parvati Krishanan, represent case report by Kalyan Roy, retrenchment in belbaid colliery (Bundwari), accident at Asansol mines, Singareni collieries(A.P.), Cherranpunjee (Assam), Barajhamda, Giridih (Bihar), Darjeeling, arbitration documents
182 68 1959 MINES (GUA MINES) Letters of united mineral workers union (Gua mines)
183 68 1960 COLLIERY ACCIDENTS Samyukta Khadhan Mazdoor Sangh(SKMS)
184 68 1960 INDUSTRIAL COMMITTEE ON COAL MINING Documents by Ministry of labour & letters by AITUC to others on various issues
185 68 1961 INDUSTRIAL COMMITTEE ON COAL MINING Documents of 8th session of industrial committee on coal mining, various reports, delegates by AITUC
186 68 1961 INDUSTRIAL COMMITTEE ON COAL MINING Report of training sub committee
187 68 1961 COAL MINES Notifications by Ministry of labour, correspondence to defence min. Krishna Menon, coal workers union, Bhurkunda, Singhbhum mines, Barajhanada, Singareni collieries working committee meeting, protest actions, letters to Chaturanan Mishra AITUC, violence, Mazdoor Sabha(Asansol), east nimcha collieries murder case, Jharia, Tandur, Dhandbad collieries
188 68 1961 COAL MINES Ministry of labour notifications, Chaturanan Mishra, Easter coal co. (Dhanbad), memorandum of agreement, coal industry & coal mines unions, bipartite meeting, Bengal Chamber of Commerce, strike notice of Singarevi, Mazdoor Sabha (Asansol), Assam coal mine workers union, letters from Indarjit Gupta, retrenchment at Bolcharo & Kargali
189 68 1981 Coal One day strike of Eastern Coal fields Ltd.; Meeting of Joint Consultative committee of Eastern Coal Fields; Violations alleged of code of discipline by various AITUC TUs; Violence in Raniganj Coal Belt; Murder of CPI - AITUC worker; Accidents and no safety in Silewara Project; Joint bipartite committee for coal industry meetings; Violence in Satgram Area of Eastern Coalfields; Coal Fillers Strike - Singareni Collieries; Balrampore and other projects of CCL - Critical; Police Firing in Balrampore project; Memo of Settlement with Singareni Collieries;
190 68 1982 Coal Strike Notice by Singareni Collieries workers; S.K.M.S Nadini Mines M.P. - 72 hours strike; Joint Action Committee for Mining in Struggle; Memorandum of Settlement with Singareni Collieries; Welfare Measures for Coal Miners; Misuse and Cheating on National Property; Joint Press Statements on Coal Mines; Joint Charter of Demands of Coal Industry; Countrywide Strike by Coal Mines on 8th Nov. 1982; Declaration of All India Coal Workers Convention; Memo of Settlement between Central Coalfields Ltd. and United Coal Workers Union and other TUs; ILO report;
191 68 1984 Coal 4th Meeting of review committee on Mines safety at Nagpur; Surveys at Godavari Khan of Singareni Collieries Strikes; Coal Mines Pith head (Amendment) Bath Rules 1959; Thalchar; Singareni - Retrenchment; Coal Mines Regulations; SC workers' union Tandur Coal Mines Labour Union and SC Employees Unions on Ex- Gratia Issue; 3rd Standing Committee on Safety in Coal Mines; JBCCI; Strike in Coal Industry; AITUC Reports; IMWF support Historic Strike of 85,000 coal workers; SKMS; Iron Ore - Rajhara Dalli Mines; JAC on Coal Mines Submitts Memo to Energy Minister;
192 68 1984 Coal Resentment on Changes in system of loading and distribution of coal by central coalfields; Conflict - Kalyan Roy vs K.R.N. Nair Sec. SKMS; Nair's letter reply to Min of Energy; Contract Labour coal industry strike; Industrial dispute of Thalcher colliery; Industrial dispute in Singareni collieries and Kathgudam strike & agreement; Protest day at Chimiri area west coal; Note to PM by Kalyan Roy on Coal Indea's attitude to 7 Lakh coal workers; ESMA on coal workers strike - Letter to Mrs. Gandhi; Surguja coal workers union; Meeting of Lawyers committee of CPI under Jitendar Sharma; Barbil; 9th April 1984 - Firing by CISF on Bhanora Villagers; Death due to Negligence - Kolardih colliery; Resolution -2nd All India Coal workers Convention;
193 68 1984 Coal Singareni and Kothagudem; 8 days of Strike in coal industry; strike notice by Singareni; Strike on 4 & 5 June 1984 success; Indrajit Gupta - Kalyan Roy - Shiv Shankar (Min) Letters on Coal Industry Strike; Pamphlets by Indian Mine workers federation (Asansol); Coal Strike - Western and Eastern Coalfields; Indian Mine workers federation - urgent circulars; Coal wage agreement; Talcher colliery of central coalfields - Problems; Demands of Singareni collieries; Murders by CISF in Bhanora colliery, Asansol; Memorandum by Singareni collieries; Tandur coal mines labour union; Mass scale victimization in Bejdih colliery; Rules of National Council on Safety in Mines;
194 68 1989 Coal Contains various important letters on Coal Industry's problems - Mining Accident in Mahabir Colliery of eastern Coal Fields of W.Bengal; Strike Notice by Singareni Colliery Workers Union; Bonus & DA at Bhurkunda Coal Mines in Hazaribag; National Coal wage board agreement; Membership of Samyukt Khadan Mazdoor Sangh; Adhoc committee of SMKMS; Indian Mine Workers Federation - Letter to Mr. Vasant Sathe, Energy Minister on Coal Mine Accidents and Violations; Wage issue of SMKMS and other issues; INTUC - AITUC rivalary; Bilaspur Mines problems; SKMS - Teachers Problems; Kuarmunda Mines Safety;Judicial documents; Wage: Assam Coalfields;
195 68 1993 Western Coalfields Ltd. Letters on - Election of office- bearers and committee members of SKMS of WCL Nagpur; Contract Labour; Dispute between SKMS & WCL; Percolation of safety Board decisions; INTUC-BMS- attacks on AITUC TU workers of SKMS in Bharat Bandh; Indian Mine Workers Federation coordination Committee (WCL) Chain Hunger Strike 28th - 30th Oct. '93 and in Nov. '93; Bellara sub area branch of SKMS; 9th Sep'93 Bharat Bandh; WFTU Gen. Council; 72 hours strike PSUs 20-22 April '93;
196 68 1957-58 MINES (COAL MINES) Notes by Ministry of labour, memorandum of AITUC to steering group
197 69 1961 Chemicals & Oil: TUI bulletin of the trade union international chemical; Oil & allied workers (Trade dept. of WFTU);
198 69 1961 Chemical & Oil Conference of various petroleum unions; annual reports; strikes; W.C. meetings & resolutions; annual report of Indian oil company; memorandums; Nationalization of petroleum industry;
199 69 1982 Medical Rep. & Drug Industry - IDPL etc. Dharna by IDPL workers at Parliament to implement wage revision agreement under of Memo. of Understanding; IDPL management fraudly get INTUC union selected as representative union; Letter to Mrs. Gandhi on accidents & 3 blasts at IDPL Muzaffarnagar; IDPL Madras Employees provident fund issue; Call by IInd conference of All India IDPL employees federation for parity of wages with PSU's uniform promotion policy & a new drug policy for 7th plan based on nationalisation of MNCs; IDPL, Hyderabad conference; workers participation in management; IB Gen. Council of Federation of Medical Regs. at Cuttack; Issues of FMRAI News - Organ of Federation of Medical Reps. Association of India;
200 69 1988 Industrial Committee on Chemicals Indrajit Gupta's letter to Brhama Dutta Gratuity issue of civil management staff; 3 day strike by Left Union of Chemical Industry in N.Delhi in 30th May 1985;
201 69 1986-87 IDPL Anomalies in Pension & Gratuity of IDPL Workers; P & G Problem of HPCL; Non- Implementation of Benefit to PSU workers; Non- payment of Interim Relief to workers of IOC; Problems of Medical Reps; Convention of P.S. workers in Drug Industry in Delhi & formation of Joint Action Committee; Convention of TU of PS in Madras on Drug Policy; Letter to Dr. Venkatraman on corruption and mismanagement and sale of IDPL Plant in Punjab and Punjab's maze production ltd., Sangroor; Letter to PM - V.P.Singh, Rajiv Gandhi on IDPL & wage problems in IDPL;
202 69 1988-91 IDPL IDPL Dehradun - Hartal on 15/11/91; Regularisation of CDG amendments and review of time bound promotion policy"; Meeting of A.B.Bardhan with IDPL (Dehradun); Exec- elected of IDPL, Gurgaon; JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals ongoing struggle of PRSs; Power cut issue of IDPL (Dehradun); 16th conference of FMRAI; Articles and Note on Drug Policy and Govt. of India; Pay revision in IDPL; IDPL Muzaffarnagar lock out; Drug Industry Bandh on 7th & 8th Aug '90 and March to PM; Tripartite of Sugar with Min. of Labour; General Strike of Medical and Sales reps.; Article by president Kerala state Pharmacy council on "The Pharmacy Act and the Pharmacy council"; Wage revision in IDPL and signature by workers;
203 75 1992 Tribal Labour Letters of Samajwadi Shramik Sangh of Bagpat (Meerut) 1993;
204 75 1985-86 Inter State Migrant Workers- Inspectors, Licensing & Registering Officers. Notification and seminars and recommendation report of National Seminar on Migrant labour and related issues held 10/10/85 to 12/10/85;
205 75 1989-90 Tribal & Bonded Labour Indefinite Strike for Brick Klin Workers - Rama Mazdoor Union, Bhiwani; National Workshop by Bandhua Mukti Morcha; MOL Notification;
206 75 1989-90 Tribal & Bonded Labour Letter to Mrs. Gandhi on Bonded Labourers working in Bandalamottu (A.P.) Zinc Mines; Letter of Labour Minister Yogendra Makhwana on Bonded Labour of Brick Industry of W.B. and Klin Industry of Bihar affecting Tribals;
207 75 1989-90 Central Trade Union Organization 71st Anniversary of AITUC day of dedication to socialism; amendments to AITUC Constitution; Joint Fight of TUs against communalism; verification; pamphlet by AITUC Homi Daji; Joint INTUC - AITUC May Day appeal; All India Conference of TUCC;
208 76 1977 Meeting of working group on working women, Prague Preparatory Material for the Meeting of WFTU Working Group on working women. From Juan Campos (Sec. WFTU) to K.G. & Roza Deshpande to attend as AITUC member.
209 76 1979 Problems of Women Workers - Supplement of World Trade Union Movement Correspondence between WFTU & AITUC on invitation to attend 4th World TU Conference on problems of working women.
210 76 1991 Working Women Letter from Dept. of Women and Child Development; Anganvadi; Mahila Federation letters to Com. Homi Daji; Letter of Memo to Committee on Petitions of Rajya Sabha on Elimination of Discrimination against women in all walks of life; Seminars by MOL on women's issues and industry; WFTU - Charter of Rights of Working Women; Letter by 20,000 working women to Sec. Gen of Rajya Sabha; WFTU; NFIW Kashmir Unit;
211 81 1979 Contract Labour WFTU delegation to 3rd General Conference UNIDO; WFTU helping Vietnam; 6th International Trade Conference of Workers in Commerce July 1980; Admn. Committee of Commerce TUI in 27th Session Istambul March 1980; Invitation of 1 women to Prague for 9th Conference of WFTU; Central Council of TUs in Poland of TUs Centrals of Africa, Asia & Latin American Countries; Letter from Trade Union Coordination Center in 1st National Conference at Calcutta Feb. 1980; Solidarity with Chile; Documents at International TU Conference for Solidarity with People of Korea; Letters on Chile;
212 83 1959 TOBACCO &BIDI WORKERS UNIONS Sangmaner Akola Taluka Bidi Kamgar Union(hindi); letter by K.R.Malkani to Mr. Chang Han Fu, Vice Min. of Foreign Affairs(China) ON speech dilivered at AIR ; All India Tobacco Association -R.D.Joshi;
213 83 1960 Tobacco Memorandum of settlement between Indian leaf Tobacco development Company & Andhra State & Chirala ILTD company workers’ Union;
214 83 1961 Tobacco Letters from Bidi Workers Union; Resolution passed in MP Bidi workers federation’s 3rd Conference June’61; Tobacco Industries from South;
215 83 1988 Bidi & Cigar Petition by Beedi Workers to Parliament through Indrajit Gupta; Convention of 6 States of Tobacco & Beedi Workers Federation; Regional Convention of Beedi Workers; Convention at Sholapur; Gen-Sec to attend WFTU TU; EC meetings of Fed; Problems of Tribals working in Singhbhum Dist;
216 84 1959 Sugar Annual report of Sakhar Kamgar Union; protest against price hike; Rampur struggle; Memorandum to Minister of Industries; Letter on Rationalisation;
217 84 1959 Sugar Recommendation of central wage board for sugar industry;
218 84 1960 Sugar Wage Board Various documents from Ministry of Labor on Sugar Wage Board to AITUC; and from Gorakhpur ; Paper Cuttings on Sugar Wage Board’s recommended wage increase for sugar industry ;Letter from Sakhar Kamgar Union Kolhapur ; and report by President S.S.Patil of Sakhar Kamgar Union Kolhapur “Before the Central Wage Board for Sugar Industry” ; “Pay Commission and Tripartite Minimum Wage Norms” ;
219 84 1960 Sugar Letters from various Sugar Mills from UP; Report on educational & technical training requirements of production process workers in sugar industry; Maharashtra Sugar Workers struggle;
220 84 1961 Sugar Wage Board Documents by Ministry of Labor on central sugar wage board . Recommendations for Wage increase; Report on “ Sugar Factory, Farms in Maharashtra & Land Ceilings” by the Godavari Sugar Mills Ltd. Bombay; Memorandum for modification of Sugar Wage Board recommendations;
221 84 1987 Sugar Various meetings of National Sugar workers coordination committee and struggle to get implementation of III Sugar wage board; AITUC convention on wage board of sugar issue; All India Strike by Sugar workers union on 28/1/87; Sugar workers indefinite strike from 12 Jan 1987;
222 84 1988 Sugar National Sugar Workers Coordination Committee Meetings & National Strike and problems of AITUC and BMS letters on the issue by Com. Satyanarayan Thakur; Hunger Strike of 15 days by Com. Thakur as leader of Motipur Sugar workers union; IIIrd Sugar Wage Board - Problems; Demands and Struggle on Wage Board issue by Various unions;
223 84 1990-91 Sugar Ganesh Sugar Mills Gorakhpur, UP - Corruption; Struggle and protest in front of Assembly on 21 March 1991 an 20th March 1991 in Bihar by All Sugar Mill Workers against privatization; Problems of Sugar Mills in Meerut; Motipur Sugar Union Struggle;
224 85 1959 Plantation Question of Wage Board for plantations & Jute Industries; Industrial committee on Plantation; Darjeeling Chai Kaman Mazdoor Union - setting up journal ‘Agradoot’ in Nepali;
225 85 1960 Coffee Plantations Letters by Karnataka Provincial Plantation Workers’ Union on Wage Revision.
226 85 1960 Tea Plantations letters from various Tea Plantation Unions on various issues- set up wage board for tea workers; Kerala sea island cotton plantations need subsidy; list of AITUC affiliated unions in tea plantation;
227 85 1961 Coffee Plantations Letters & booklet by Indian coffee board employees association on proposed reorganization scheme & apprehended Retrenchment.
228 85 1961 Tea Plantations Resolution of interstate plantation workers’ coordinating action committee; plantation labour association - notice of direct action; reply to the questionnaire of Govt. of India central wage board ;
229 85 1961 Wage Board for Tea Plantation Industry Answer to questionnaire of Central Wage Board for the plantation industry by various T.Us; other docs.
230 85 1960-61 INDUSTRIAL COMMITTEE ON PLANTATIONS Documents by Ministry of labour on 10th session of the industrial committee on plantation (1960-61), letters from plantation association(Afft. AITUC)
231 85 1973-74 AITUC outings & Kerala State Plantation Workers Federation Constitutional Bylaws of Kerala State Plantation Workers' Federation; WFTU Bureau Meetings at Geneva 20-21 Jan. 1974;
232 86 1958 Jute Letter to PM, Nehru from Bihar Jute Growers Association, Patna & other MPs on crisis in Jute Industry; Special committee on Rationalisation in Jute Industry- Agreement in connection with Bonafide Closure of Mills; Letters on Closure & lay- off of workers of Katihar Jute Mills Workers Union; Letters & Strike Notice on Bonus issue from Jute Labor Union Fluru, A. P.; Paper cuttings on closure of Jute Mills in Bihar etc.
233 86 1958 Silk Workers Union Wage problem in Sir silk factory workers union Retrenchment in Amritsar Rayon & Silk Co. ; ESI Act & Scheme issue in T.Us excise policy related crisis in silk cloth & wool industry in Amritsar; Implementation of resolutions of anti- unemployment conference - Bombay Resham Mazdoor Union (Red Flag) ; Com Satyapal Dang’s letter on adjudication proceedings in industrial tribunal Panjab & Jallandhar ;
234 86 1959 Handloom workers letter to Lal Bahadur Shastri, Ministry of Industry & Commerce on setting up automatic power loom- three party conference.
235 86 1959 Jute Main Conclusions of 2nd Session of the Industrial Committee on Jute; Memorandum to appoint wage board on jute to Ministry of Labor Main Conclusion of 1st Session of Industrial Committee on Jute;
236 86 1960 Handloom A brief note on Praga Tools Corporation Hd.
237 86 1960 Wool Retrenchment in Bengal woolen mills (Calcutta); Press Statement of Shri Bihari Lal Kumar, Split in woolen mill owners of India; Demand Day - March 15th 1960 due to call of national conference of woolen textile workers; First national conference at Dhariwal ; Resolution adopted in it.
238 86 1961 Jute Letters from Sankrail Chatkal Mazdoor Union, Howrah on Closure & Protest; Bengal Chatkal Mazdoor Union, Calcutta; Letters to Dange, and Conference, Resolution, Protest Demonstration, Memomorandum over Retrenchment of large no. Of workers;
239 86 1961 Jute Letters of Affiliation & Verification from Kathar Jute Mills Workers Union & Gypsum Mine Workers Union, Badwasi (Raj.); W. Bengal AITUC & Bengal Chatkal Mazdoor Union on Wage Board & Dismissal of Workers Respectively.
240 86 1961 Silk Letter of G.L.Nanda Min. of Labour on “Reduction of hrs. of work in hazardous occupations.”
241 86 1961 Jute wage board Answers to questionnaire of central wage board for Jute Industry by Bengal Chatkal Mazdoor Union; & other letters regarding interim relief granted by Jute Wage Board;
242 86 1961 Handloom Excise duty exemption to Power Loom , Letter to Finance Minister Morarji Desai;
243 87 1958 Dhariwal Woolen Mills Workers (Textiles) letter between AITUC & Com. Satpal Dang on Piece-Rates; Dhariwal Karkhana Workers Union demands, False agreement on wages; Urdu Poster & Hindi handbill; Wollen Mill Kamgar Union, Thana on attempt to cancel Registration of Union; May Day celebrations, Problems for Pear woolen mills union; Annual session of wollen Mazdoor Sabha (Regd.), Panipat;
244 87 1959 Central Wage Board for Cotton Textile Workers Industries Various Documents from Govt. of India, Ministry of Labour on central Wage Board on cotton textiles to AITUC.
245 87 1959 Textiles Gazette notification; DCM mills’- Kapra Mazdoor Ekta Union . Workers Taking out procession 26th Jan. Assaulted by Management & INTUC Goondas; Non-implementation & violation of code of discipline of by mills & Protests by various unions; statement of textile engineering committee & report of tour by committee to Madras & Bangalore to organize all india conference of textile engineering workers; Consultation regarding formation of a new union of textile workers held in Bombay on 22nd Nov. , 1958; violent attack by management & INTUC on affiliated unions in Kesoram Cotton Mills on issue of violation of code of code of discipline by management; Strike by Hissar Textile Mills Union & agreement reached by union; Memorandum of agreement / settlement before Labor Commissioner of W. Bengal with Kesoram textile mills .
246 87 1960 Textile Wage Board Most of the correspondence is about the implementation of the recommendation of the central Wage Board for Cotton textile Industry. Letters on non-implementation to AITUC from Kanpur, Salem, Bihar, Bhavnagar, Coimbatur, Madras, W. Bengal, Bombay, Sriganganagar; Paper Cuttings; Report of the Central Wage Board for Cotton textile Industry; Gazette;
247 87 1960 Cotton Textile Responses, Demands, Strikes, Retrenchments etc by various T.Us e.g. Kanpur Mazdoor Sabha & also paper cuttings on this issue of Rationalization and wage increase in cotton textile industry as proposed by Central cotton textile wage board . Protests actions. Letters to PM Nehru & other ministers etc. by various Unions on issues of non- implementation of wage board recommendations of various T. Us like Sholapur Girni Kamgar Union ; Delhi Cloth Mills ,AITUC Natural Strike on June 14th 1960 , Meeting of AITUC T.Us at Lonavala on April 14th & 15th , 1960, Four day Hunger Strike by Com. Swami Kumaranand, President of Textile Labor Union on wage board issue ; Coimbatore distt. Mill Workers Union ; Kapra Mazdoor Ekta Union (DCM Mills); Other Unions in Rajasthan; Jagatjit milla , Phagwara; Union in Tuticoran ; etc.
248 87 1961 Textile Wage Board Letters from various unions on the non-implementation of wage board(textile), recommendations; correspondence from ministry of labor ; memorandum : statuary enforcement on the recommendations of the cultural wage board for cotton textiles industry.
249 87 1975 TUI, Textile Letters between AITUC & WFTU on TUI Administrative Committee Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria- April 9-11 1975; Com. Chitnis;
250 87 1978 TUI Textiles Letters on visits by AITUC members abroad - e.g. from Zdenek Spicka, Gen. Sec TUI Textile, Clothing, Leather & Fur workers; for 6th conference of TUI textiles 4-9 Sept.1978, Hungary. Letter by Com. Chitnis on the Issue;
251 87 1981 TU Textile Letter between Com. Indrajit Gupta and Com. Bhowani Roy Choudhury;
252 87 1984 Textiles / Jute 2 Agreements in Jute Textiles; Jute Workers Struggle; UP AITUC Gen. Council; Nationalisation of closed mills in Ahmadabad; State Textile workers conference in Nagpur; Important Pamphlets of All India Textile workers Federation; Central Executive Meetings of All India Textile Workers Federation; Nellimarle Jute mills (A.P.); Raigarh Jute Mills Labour Union (MP) - More than 6 month strike going on; Beawar (Rajasthan) Closed Mills; MOL Letters of various meetings of committees; Restarting Anglo- French Textile Mills Issue - V.Subbaiah; Demand to Nationalise Bhaskar Textile Mills; Report on Situation of Jute Industry in A.P.; Revision of Minimum Wages in Power loom Industry; Swadweshi Mills; Buckingham & Camatic Mills (Chennai) - 8000 workers starving for 6 months due to nexes of Industrialists & Pranab Mukharjee; Evidence of Corruption by manager of Bihar cooperative weavers spinning mills, Mokama; All India Jute Workers Strike;
253 87 1985 Textile Federation Silver Jubilee Celebration of AITUC Union IN Madura Coats; All India Textile Policy - AITUC opposition to it; AITUC Memo presented to Expert Committee on Textile Industry set up by Govt. of India;
254 87 1985 Textile/Jute Performance of National Textile Cooperation; Textile Labour Union; Beawer, Rajasthan Letters; Powerloom workers issue; Memo on reductions of Import/Export duties on various man-made fibers; Demand for Govt. takeover of Beawer Mills; Direct Action Day by All India Textile Conference on 2nd Dec. 1985; Convention of Textile workers against new Textile policy in Delhi; Newspaper cuttings on Hartal by NTC workers; Anglo-French Textile Mill of Pondichery - Problem; Seminar on workers participation; GOI statement on textile policy; All India Textile workers convention - Declaration; Jute Mills in WB; Batanagar; Niranjan Mills; DCM, Delhi problem;
255 87 1986 Textile Federation Letter between B.D.Joshi and Indrajit Gupta; Articles on "Present state of Leather Industry and Workers' Situation in Textile clothing & leather industries in India"; PM state in Lok Sabha a Jute & Textile; CPI pamphlet on textile workers issue highlighted in parliament by CPI; Tripartite study group for workers in leather industry; 20,000 Indian textile workers strike;
256 87 1961-62 CLOTH & TEXTILE INDUSTRIES Correspondence on strike, memorandum of agreements, memorandum of demands, breaches of agreement, conference and other issues of TVs of north, W. Bengal, U.P., Hissar (Haryana), Chandigarh, Phaquhana & Punjab, Bombay & Ahmedabad
257 87 1983-85 Industrial Committee - Textile Letters on reconstitution of Industrial committee on cotton textiles industry; 1st meeting on industrial committee on cotton textile industry; meeting of development council for textile industries;
258 87   Textile Mill Workers Unions Mill Kamgar Union, Bhavnagar- Closure & unemployment of workers; DCM’s Kapda Mazdoor Ekta Union - victimisation of hundreds of workers; Closure of Kaleeswar Mills; Letters to PM Shastri & by MP Parvati Krishnan on the case; Memo of central wage board on wage of cotton Textiles; Kanpur Mill Closure & Huge Strike; Speech by PM Shastri in Lok Sabha; Questions in Lok Sabha by MP on Textiles Issues; Implementation of code of discipline & honouring of Agreements in various Mills Like in Hissar, Garden Reach in Calcutta., Farudabad, Rajasthan, Memorandums & Vidharba situation;
259 88 1959 ROAD BUILDING &CEMENT WORKERS UNIONS Strikes- Rajasthan PWD Workers Fed. ; Andhra Cement Company-strike in 11th day; ACC Workers on Warpath over Bonus; Cement-Dalmia; All India Cement Workers Fed. 2nd Meeting of Central Tripartite;
260 88 1960 Building & Cement United Cement Mazdoor Union fight for Implementation of recommendation for wage board; Struggle to implement award of industrial tribunal, Punjab; paper cuttings; Letter to PM Nehru 142.
261 88 1961 Industrial Committee on Cement Letters to and from Satish Loomba on Session of Industrial Committee on Cement;
262 88 1993 Construction Lots of Letters from AITUC and respective TU on Threat of Closure of Rashtriya Pariyojna Nirman Nigam (NPCC) Ltd. Earstwile a pioneer PSU in Constrution Industry; Meeting of All India Confederation of Building & Construction workers at Nagpur on 4-5 Jan 1993; Seminar in Sydney from CFMECL; Invitation; Seminar on Safety;
263 89 1959 News Bulletin (Journal) News Bulletin published by Delhi Newspaper Employees Federation;
264 89 1984 Paper Industry Meeting of representatives of union of paper industry at AITUC office; wagecut in orient paper mills, Brajrajnagar; Letter from various paper union; notification by Rohtas Industries(Ltd.), Dalmianagar; Charter on specific claims of TU s for improving working conditions in pulp & paper industry;
265 89 1986 Journalists/Working & Non- working AINEA Various circulars by office of All India Newspaper Employees Federation (AINEF) by K.L.Kapur on many issues;
266 89 1993 Journalist Federation Various Circulars by All India Newspapers Employees Federation (AINEF) by K.L.Kapur Gen. Sec, on various issues affecting Newspaper Industry & Journalists;
267 89 1986-88 Paper TOI Bangalore Struggle for Wage Revision, Ending Contract System, Assault; Struggle to make wage boards function; struggle of temporary postmen; Vikram faction's falsehood against Kolhatkar Leader of IFWJ; Resolutions of AINEF; Supreme Court Judgment on Palikar Award for Journalists; Indian Express Employees Struggle - Assault by Arun Shourie's BJP Goons; 6th International Consultative Conference of TU of the Graphic (Printing) Industry; Memo of Titanagar Staff; Danger of Closing Indian Nation Group of Papers, Patna;
268 90 1981 Aluminium Death of Com. Behari Thakur - Militant leader of Hindalco; Letter to Pranab Mukharjee by AITUC Secy. On wage revision of BALCO, Korba; Letters to MP's & Cabinet Minister by HINDALCO progressive Mazdoor Sabha; Shramik Sammelan; Bombay Convention of All India Aluminum Workers' Fed. Badambadi; Letters between K.G. and D.C.Mohanty; National Labour Conference; W.C. and other organizational meeting of AIAWF; Bangalore Strike;
269 90 1981 All India Aluminium Workers' Federation 2nd Session Charter of Demands of Indal Port room workers union, Belgaon; Problems of Contract workers of Korba; Letter by INDAL union to Managing Director; Basic Data on INDAL; Is INDAL heading towards sickness; Draft report - Gen Sec All India Aluminum Workers Fed. of 3rd Conference held in April 1986 Balco Nagar;
270 90 1982 Aluminium Problems of BALCO's AITUC Union on Workers issues - e.g. Bonus, etc. Demand for Aluminum bipartite; Indal Hirakud Works employees Union - dissatisfaction with AITUC president's leadership; Draft report of All India Aluminum Workers Converntion; Hunger Strike - BALCO; All India Convention Hirakud; Wage Reduction - BALCO; S.K.M.S. - Service Conditions changes; Aluminum workers; CPI's pamphlet in Korba; Aluminum Strike 11th Feb., 87; Demands of Strike; BALCO and HINDALCO; D.C.Mohanty's paper on improving conditions of empoyment in non-ferrous metal industry; E.C. Meet of All India Aluminum Workers Federation;
271 90 1988-91 Aluminium Problems of PSU workers BALCO, Korba; Payment of Fair Wages for BALCO; Hunger Strike by workers; Contract Labour Problems of BALCO employees; Strike in ; Surakachhar Colliery Strike; Issues of Journal Aluminum worker; Settlement between Phutka Pahar's SKMS Union & Management of BALCO; Wage Negotiations; Indefinite Hunger Strike to start from 4th April 1990; Illegal Lockout & retrenchment; Unity Meetings of TUs by AITUC on BALCO issue; Pamphlets by Workers' Union; TUI Metal Congress, Moscow;
272 91 1958 Engineering Tripartite conference of engineering industry; annual conference of various engineering employees unions; charter of demands; strike by central tractor org employees’ union;
273 91 1959 HMT (engineering) Resolutions of GBMs; confidential notes & report; letters & pamphlets; Circulars; letter to Dange; Demand Memorandum submitted to management; conference & resolutions;
274 91 1959 HMT (engineering) Pamphlets, telegrams, letters, bulletins etc on situation of HMT union; Attacks by rival unions; various resolutions of GBM on it; Question in Lok Sabha;
275 91 1959 Engineering Retrenchment & Mass Arrest: Jamshedpur; Demand for Wage Board; Memo of agreement; Strike in National Electrical Industries; Tripartite decision on duality; Hindustan Steel Bulletin;
276 91 1961 Metal & Engineering wage board for Iron & steel industry; plan for developing TU activity in engineering industry of greater Bombay; Working committee report & resolution; Appeal; constitution;
277 91 1961 HMT (engineering) Letters from union; GBM’s resolutions, memorandum, Report of secretary; wage revision; committee on labor management; notice for hunger strike etc; Job classification & Pay scales;
278 91 1975 Engineering Conference, Paris. Correspondence on 1st International Conference of TU of Engineers, Managerial & Supervisory Staff and Technicians at Torina, Italy on April 15-18,1975;
279 91 1987 Engineering Federation Interim Relief; GRSEL Workers Charter of Demands on stepmotherly treatment of workers compared to other PSUs; GRSEL - Agreement; CII - Report on Industrial Sickness; HEC Ranchi Scrap INTUC Brickered Agreement with Workers; National Federation of Engineering Workers - Pamphlets on Meetings & Struggles by H.Mahadevan (AITUC); Historic Struggle in Mahendra & Mahendra over Bonus;
280 91 1980-88 Heavy Engineering & Bharat Electronics Ltd. Letters on issues like - from TU of Scooters India Ltd. Public Sector Company on Sale of Company to M/S Bajaj Auto Ltd.; Direct Action Notice by Heavy Water Employees Union; Opposition to privatisation of DTC; Strike by Heavy Water Emp. Union; On conspiracy to destroy Hindustan Cables Ltd. Rupnarayanpur; Note placed before W.C. meeting of National Fed. of Engineering Workers of India; Copy of Speech delivered by Com. Mahadevan at TUI Metal at Moscow; All India Hundustan Brown Boveri Employees Fed.; Letter to P.M. Mrs. Indira Gandhi on communal activities of RSS backed union in Bharat Electronics to divide workers on communal lines;
281 91 1983-86 Industrial Committee (Engineering) Letter to Com. Gurudas Das on Issue of Govt. of India allowing Tata's to import coking coal & limestone i.e. about 3 lakh tonnes - Impact on FOREX Reserves and corruption by Ministry of Steel; Issue of Scooters India Ltd. and the corruption by officials; meetings of Industrial Committee on Engineering; Defaulters of Engineering Industry;
282 92 1986 Hospitals & other Institutions Employees Association, Karnataka Full documents of Debates & Resolutions of 2nd GBM on 2nd Oct.1986 at NGO's Hall. A full report of HOIEAK affiliated to AITUC;
283 93 1960 Leather Docs on 2nd all Leather & Footwear Workers’ Conference held atAgra Nov-Dec. 1957; All India Leather & Footwear Workers’ federation, Kanpur, Sept.’59.
284 93 1982-85 J & K Full of letters of J&K AITUC state committee on various issues - Termination of employees; privatization of job of & now removal; WC & GC meetings of AITUC (J&K); Safai Karmacharis problems; Sept. 12, 1985 Protest Day against anti- labour policies; state govt. teachers strike; striking doctors; letter to Ayattollah Khomeni against killing of leaders of Tudeh party; threat letter from Jamaite Islami & attack on com. Wanchoo and AITUC office at J&K; Bank employees meetings; workers rallies; amendments to ID Act;
285 93 1984-88 Rubber TN Tea Plantation Corps' 6000 workers on strike request AITUC intervention; Bata workers union demands end to Bhatnagar Factory Lock out; article on leather industry and its workers; Letter for Govt.of India help to revive sick Indian Rubber Manufacturers Ltd.;
286 95 1959 Hotel Workers Unions Convention and Manifesto of All India Hotel Workers Federation; Bombay State Hotels Federation Conference and Preparatory Committee;
287 95 1960 Hotels and Restaurants Letter from S.A. Dange; TUR report on Morcha By Hotel Mazdoor Sabha, Bombay. Pamphlet by Hotel Mazdoor Sabha on Dismissal of workers by Madras Bhawan; Kar; Madras City Hotel workers Association - Dismissal; Letter to Ministry; Second Harbour workers conference, Madras;
288 95 1961 Hotels and Restaurants Recognition of Hotels, Postponement of all India Hotel Workers conference; Preparatory committee, Memo of Grievances of workmen employed in the Hotel Industry;
289 95 1961 Industrial Committee on Food Processing and Oil Soap and Plants Industries Formation of Sub- Committee by Ministry of Commerce in considering difficulties faced by Workers engaged in food processing industries; Action taken on chemical industries committee; Code symbols for labeling dangerous foods by Indian Standards Institute; Classification of dangerous goods - By ISI;
290 95 1961 Food, Tobacco and Hotel TUI Nomination of AITUC as member of Administrative Committee of TUI of Food, Tobacco and Beverage industry workers; Letter from WFTU regarding 3rd International Conference;
291 95 1975 TUI, Food, Tobacco, Hotel & allied Industries workers, Sofia Letters between K.G.(AITUC) and TUI of Food, Tobacco, Hotel and Allied Industries Workers (WFTU) Sec Com. S.Ivanov for 26th Session of Administrative Committee on 8 & 9 April 1975, in Berlin (GDR).
292 95 1979 7th International Trade Conference of Workers in Food, Tobacco, Drinks & allied Industries in Hotel, Cafes & Restaurants, Warsaw Seminar from 5th Sept. to 12th Oct. 1977 in Prague; 7th International Conference of Workers in Food, Tobacco, Drink, allied Hotel Cafes & Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland; Correspondence of sending AITUC to & fro;
293 95 1979 Asian Seminar on Food, Tobacco, Hotel & Allied Industries workers Letter between N.N. Gope, Gen Sec. All India ITDC;
294 96 1960 Other Ministries (Correspondence) Nomination to State Implementation and Evaluation Committee, Ahmadabad; Corruption in Central Pay Office of Kargali Colliery under NCDC, Ranchi; Lay off due to Delay in Grant of Import Licenses; Flooding of Jublee and Kolimaran Coal Pits of Giridih Collieries; Controversy over Dange’s Foreign Bank A/C; Strike by Muster Roll Workers of Rourkela; Post Hunger Strike situation in Rajhara - Nadini - Aniwara Mines of Bhilai; Advisory Board for Salt; Tea Board Appointments; Kulti Workers Problems; Memo to Sardar Swaran Singh;
295 96 1961 Other Ministries Reviewing Sub-Committee; Review of Accounts of Singareni Collieries; Shortage of Hark Coke in Madras State; Increase in Price of Petroleum Products in Assam; Abolish Contract System in Bokaro and Kargali Collieries; Anti Labor Measures by Himachal Govt.; Retrenchment of Rourkela Workers; Lay off By Indian Copper Corp.; Chargesheeting of Railwaymen for Strike; Strikes in Plantations in UP DehraDun; Reconstitution of Productivity Council and Developmental Council;
296 96 1982-88 Ministry of Commerce Threat by Port & Dock Fed to Govt. of India, Minister of Commerce of Strike if Interim Relief Granted to PSU are withdrawn; Take over of Closed locked out textile units - case of Anglo- French Textile Mill of Pondicherry and Hope Textiles Mill of Indore & Impact on workers - Letters to V.P.Singh, P.M. and Indrajit Gupta; Case of Krishna Mills, Beawar, Rajasthan; Mismanagement & Closure; Issue of Pay Scales of Jute Corporation of India (JCI); Report of Auditors to members of Anglo-French textile Ltd. (Pondicherry); Tripartite committee on textile industry;
297 96 1986-88 Other Ministries Interim relief payment issue; Letter to PM requesting him NA to close down mines of Atomic Energy in Rajnandgaon as it will hit adivasis and harijans; wages of workers of agriculture dept, Pondicherry; Give registration to student who did diploma from Indo- Soviet college of Pharmacy; Retrechment at NPCC; Deduction of 8 days wages for strike at CIL; Wage problem in Muti Gold Mines Company; Displacement problem due to construction of NTPC Power house in Korba; IDPL revival; Bonus Issue in Govt. printing press workers of pondicherry;
298 96 1988-91 Industry Ministry Notification on DA; Gurudas Das's complaint to MNC - M/s Britania Soya Industries, Vidisa. On Tax-evasion; Policy measures for promoting small scale agro based industries from Jt. Sec of Govt. of India; BEL problems; DA formula for employees of central public sector enterprises; Industrial DA problems - Indrajit Gupta - Ajit Singh (Min. of Steel & Mines); Agreement of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd.; Appointment of Wage Negotiation Machinary for Aluminium Industry; For BALCO; Memo of Understanding - Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Company; Final Report of High Power Pay Committee dealing with Public Sector Employees governed by 3rd Pay Commission pattern of DA; Central Public Sector Industries;
299 96 1988-91 Human Resources Ministry Rajya Sabha Question by N.E. Balram on Non-payment of senior scale wages to senior - kendriya Vidyalaya Teachers; TU participation in National Literacy Mission; Proposed Constitutional Amendment to bring "Sports" to Concurrent list;
300 96 1989-1999 Other Ministries Letters to - Kalpnath Rai, Min. of Power on absorbtion of workers in Beas Project onto Ranjit Sagar Dam Project; Irregularities of Regularisation on Muster - Roll workers; Meeting for Campaign on GATT and Self Reliance - National working group on Patent Laws; Workers in BALCO and HINDALCO Project of M.P.; Coal Chemical Complex, Nagpur; D.A. Issue of Port & Dock Workers; NCC Meeting of AITUC; Coir Board Defunct; AITUC's views on 8th Five Year Plan; Reinstatement of Railway Workers; Problems of Bharat Aluminum Company; Anganwadis; Contract Labour in Coal fields; Hindustan Zinc; Anandpur Sahib Hydel Project's Labour Problems; Wage Agreement on Vishakha Steel Project; Removal of Employees in Pasture Institute of India;
301 97 1960 Labor Ministry Letters from G.L.Nanda to AITUC; Satagram Colliery affair; Letters from other collieries; Recognitions of Unions under code of Discipline; Bidi Workers; Dadri Cement Closure;
302 97 1981-82 Labour Ministry Various letters on issues like - TU (W.Bengal) Amendment Bill 1969; Charter of Demands by UISWU (AITUC) Burnpur Steel Plant to Sri N.D.Tiwari, Labour Minister; Indrajit Gupta to N.D.Tiwari on Dolomite & Lime Stone Mines near Bokaro Steel Ltd. Garden Reach Textile Workers Union; AITUC Karnataka; N.D.Tiwari's Speech at meeting of consultative committee for the ministry of Labour; other documents;
303 98 1988 Ministry of Finance Circular of bureue of public enterprise on stopping payment of interim relief; Meeting of TU leaders with FM; Financial assitance to M/s standard motors; Min of Personnel, Public Grivences and Pensions;
304 98 1980-87 Ministry of Finance Documents & Letters to PM on Financial Fraud by Auditya Finance & Investments (India); Various Meetings of TU leaders with Finance Minister; Letters to Pranab Mukharjee; Letter to R.Venkatraman; Letters & Docuents from Finance Ministry;
305 98 1989-91 Finance Ministry Memo to Finance Minister Manmohan Singh to remove 1950's old Rent Control Act; AITUC Suggestion to mitigate problems of Budget Deficit and BOP; Manmohan Singh to Mr. Krishnan, Homi Daji, Siddhanta; Yashwant Singh to K.L.Mahendra - all for TU's Meet with F.M. on Pre-budget Meetings; TU approach to 8th Five year plan - document prepared by TU leaders submitted to planning commission; Letters in Hindi; Pre- budget meetings, letters to Madhu Dandwate, Finance Minister;
306 100 1979-81 Nominations on Govt. Committees Nomination of AITUC to various committee on for e.g. - Joint Study Team to visit PSUs to study workers participation in management; Central advisory committee of Mica Mines Labour welfare fund; to Gen. Council of IAMR; on Central orgs of employees & workers on Factories Act; Central Standing Committee of Bonded Migrant & Casual Labour; similarly on rural unorganised labour; on employment; Advisory committee on Mica Mines; C. Board of workers educations; minimum wages (central) Advisory Board; Rubber Board;
307 102 1959 Public Sector Tripartite Meet Letter from AITUC to ministry of labor & various unions to ministry of labor on Public Sector Conference held at Delhi on 21st Jan,’59;
308 108 1986-87 Tamilnadu Letters on various TU struggles in M/s Richardson & Cruddas (Pvt. Ltd.); Public Sector - Interim relief struggle; Bonus issue of TN State Electricity workers; BHEL employees payments issues; Heavy water unit, Tuticorin issue; PF issue of workers in Tannery, Beedi, chemical and engineering & textile industries situated in North Arcot dist.; Corruption struggle in against Director of BCG vaccine lab, Guindy, Madras; Wage problem in Madura coats; FM sudden withdrawal of custom & excise duty concession on fuel efficient car above 1000 cc - hits Standard Motors and 3400 employees; demand for takeover of 100 closed textile mills strike by AITUC; Problem of workers railway padyatra against southern railway; 10 lakh workers and agricultural labourers strike supporting teachers and fishermen and NGO; Problem with Kalyan sundaram etc.
309 109 1959 Standing Labor Committee Letters to Mirajkar from G.L.Nanda on Meetings on Standing Labor Committee;
310 109 1961 Standing Labor Committee Letter from Ministry of Labor on Implementation of Conclusions of the Standing Labor Committee, Submission of Information regarding Working of Screening Committee;
311 110 1959 Indian Labor Conference (ILC) New recognition rules from Miniustry of Home Affairs; 17th Conference of ILC, Madras; Curbs on TU activity by service conduct rules; Indian Express Employees Struggle; Copy of Memo on Industrial Relations; Labor Policy;
312 110 1987 National Apex Body Various Letters on Standing Labour Committee Meeting; Grievance Settlement Authority; Manipulation by ID (Central) Rules 1957; Documents of Indian Labour Conference;
313 112 1989 National Productivity Council lots of letters, reports, seminars and papers on various aspects of productivity and Labour participation in Management; Documents of Seminar on the participation of workers in vanagement bill; 1990 - implications for implementation; letters to Com. K.L.Mahendra, Com. Chaturanan Mishra and other AITUC Leaders;
314 117 1950 WFTU Resolutions WFTU Manifesto; Resolution passed by General Council AITUC; Report on 3rd Jan Strike; Report on Peace meeting; Secretary’s report to General Council AITUC; Circular; T U Bill;
315 117 1958 3rd International Trades Conference of Metal and Engineering Industries, Prague Circular and Appeal from AITUC on the Conference on Metal and Engineering Industries;
316 117 1959 WFTU Circular Press Communiqués on - Interview of Lois Saillant General Secretary, WFTU.
317 117 1959 WFTU Representations from India to administrative committee of T Us of textile, clothing, leather and fur workers; AITUC Nominees;
318 117 1959 WFTU Press Communiqués Letters to and from AITUC and Ministry of Lanor on agenda of 1st Meeting of Industrial Committee on Building and Construction Industry.
319 117 1960 WFTU Correspondence course in Warsaw for 2 AITUC Leaders; Solidarity with Algeria; Dange’s article-15 years sweep of freedom; 5 Day Strike by Central Govt. employees EC meetings of WFTU; resolution of ILO; TU event in France.
320 117 1960 WFTU Publications The 116- Day Strike of Steel Workers’ publication of WFTU;
321 117 1960 WFTU Circulars On Solidarity with Algerian Workers; Cuban Workers; Message to workers on 15th anniversary of WFTU; to T Us in Aden; On Argentine situation;
322 117 1960 WFTU Press Releases Atom Bomb in Sahara; International Transport Port and Fishery workers, WFTU Seminar at Warsaw; Brazaville; and others;
323 117 1960 WFTU Press Communiqués Various WFTU statements and Press Releases on Issues;
324 117 1961 Documents of 5th WFTU and consultative conference in the printing trade Press Communiqués of Trade Unions in Printing and allied Trades; Resolutions of 5th WFTU congress in Moscow; Dange’s Speech in Conference; Matsukawa Case; Report by Japanese Delegation; Japanese Workers Struggle;
325 117 1961 WFTU Circular Documents published by 5th WFTU Congress - 7th anniversary of Algerian War; Issue of Social Security; Decisions; Appeal to T Us in printing and allied trades; Fishery;
326 117 1961 WFTU Press Communiqués Message by WFTU to France; Letter to Shafic Ahmad El- Sheikh Vice President of WFTU imprisoned in Sudan jail; Telegram to Dr. Kennedy; For Amnesty in Spain; Algeria; Protest against repression in Iran; to Japanese T Us; Imprisoned T U leaders;
327 117 1961 WFTU Correspondence Goa Liberation; Agenda for 5th WFTU Congress; Draft Charter on Social Security; various letters; Telegram to Dr. Kennedy protesting application of McCarran law in USA; EC Meeting; German T Us; War Provocation in Berlin in GDR; Solidarity with Tunisia and south Africa;
328 117 1961 WFTU Committee Meetings Draft Program of T U action 5th Congress; Conclusions of International Seminar on Education & Culture; Report on struggle for Social Security; Against repression; Regulations; Social Security Charter - The Charter of TU Rights; Principles of right to organize and bargain collectively;
329 117 1961 WFTU Press Communiqué Communiqués on - Algeria, common Market countries; Aden, arrest of SACTU president, Berlin, Memo, S. Korea, Tunisia, Disarmament, Social Security, Vietnam, L. America, Cuba, Danish Strikes, Angola, Spain, plain resolutions;
330 117 1961 Teachers TUI from WF of Teachers Union - To Reader of the Publication “Teachers of the World” ;
331 117 1961 Public and Allied Employee TUI Inability of Com. Dr. Irena, President of Health Workers Trade Union of Poland to participate in All India Medical and Health Employee Federation Calcutta; Ranen Sen accepted an AITUC Representative as member of Administrative committee;
332 117 1961 Building, Wood TUI Information from TUI of Workers of the Building Wood and Building Materials Industries - Struggles over Hours of Work; Problems Various Unions from Italy, France, Cement Workers, Vietnam Building workers, International Trade Union Unity;
333 117 1969 Textile, Clothing & Leather TUI Notification by Deptt. of PR Kerala Govt. on - Rubber Products Industry Minimum Wages Fixed; Letter of Solidarity from Milada Netusilova G.Sec of TUI of Textile Clothing - Leather and Fur workers Prague for struggle of Textile Workers; 2000 workers of Colombia's Building workers Union Strike for 22 Sept. 1969; 6th National Congress of Civil Construction Workers of Peru held at Cuzoo from 13 to 16 Nov. '69; 300,000 Italian Metal Workers Struggle;
334 117 1973 Moscow TU School Letters on various TU Education Schools in USSR, Germany etc to AITUC and abroad;
335 117 1974 Management Personnel in Asia Letter by Com. M.Atchutan, Head of Asian Dept. WFTU to K.G. on "Meeting of Experts on Social Responsibilities on Management Personnel in Asia", Oct,28-Nov.1, 1974;
336 117 1975 WFTU Monthly Report Various monthly reports of 1975 of WFTU on various issues & resolution & decisions.
337 117 1975 WFTU Srilanka Seminar on Wages, Collective Bargaining & Role of Public Sector Correspondence on Seminar; WFTU World Peace Council - Inrernational conference against Fascism in Patna Dec. 4-7, 1975;
338 117 1975 Women Working Group, Bucharest (Symposium) Correspondence from WFTU - AITUC; Rosa Despande nominated working women group symposium. 7-11 April.1975; Gem Trade Union Confederation of Romania byu Sec. Larisa Munteanu and Stefan Gheorghiu, Rumania;
339 117 1975 WFTU Bureau Meetings WFTU Bureau meeting at Baghdad 23-24 April "75 and also in Moscow, Budapest & Prague.
340 117 1975 General Correspondence with WFTU - TU Prepatatory Report to WFTU Comm. For TU officer training; 60th Session of International Labour conference; WFTU permanent consultative group of experts of TU Training; Elections of ILO Governing Body; Asian advisory committee 15th Session, Bangkok Aug. 1973; WFTU's women workers delegate; Letter to Indian Worker;
341 117 1975 TUI, Agricultural Com. Ranen Sen attends 7th International Conference of Workers in Agriculture, Forestry, and Plantation at Moscow, 20-24 May, 1975. Delegate of AITUC.
342 117 1976 G. Dimitrov TU School of Central Council of Bulgarian TU, Sofia. Letter sending Com. Bhupen Mazumdar & Com.Bhagaban Panda to Bulgaria TU School of Central Council of Bulgarian TU s; Letter on Admission Terms for Researchers at Dimitrov Research Institute; Letter from Secretary G. Borgov to AITUC Gen. Sec;
343 117 1977 WFTU Legal Committee meeting in Prague Correspondence between WFTU & AITUC on sending Com. Samant to 3rd Session of WFTU Legal Commission;
344 117 1978 WFTU Correspondence K.G.'s going to Prague for Drafting Committee for documents of 9th World Trade Union Congress; Press Communiques on issues like A.P. Cyclone of 1977; Cyprus; Nicaragua; Repression by Shah's SVAK in Iran; Pinochet; conflict of Vietnam vs Kampuchea; Terror in Paraguay; against repression TU in Tunisia; ICATU - WFTU joint communique; Peaceful reunification of Korea; Policy report to give world Trade Unionism a newlook submitted to next congress of WCL by Jan Kula Kowski, WCI Gen. Secy; Info on 19th Session of FAO conference, Rome; Trade Union Inrernational (TUI) Plan of work for 1978; Letters by Com. Mahendra Sen, WFTU Secy;
345 117 1978 Trade Union Int. Building Letters on sending AITUC comrades for TUI of workers of Building, wood & Building material Industries, Helsinki (Finland) for Seminar on Building & Wood Industry workers Unions of Asia on Sept. 28-30, 1978 at Alma Ata; Report for conference from Building Workers Industrial Union of Australia; Statement on convocation; Invitation to attend meeting of preparatory work group at Tashkent on Dec. 13-14, 1977;
346 117 1978 WFTU Various correspondence between AITUC & WFTU on issues like - Legal; Secretariat; WFTU bureau meetings; Tasks of Secretariat; Actions to Implement Universal Declaration of TU Rights; 4th Plenary session of WFTU Legal Commission; 4th Plenary report of activity of 1978, Draft Plan for 1979 & budget 1979; Report of World Conference of Solidarity with Chile;
347 117 1978 WFTU General Council, Nicosia Resolution on Cyprus of Special Session of WFTU Bureau; 19th Session of WFTU Bureau- Agenda, Guidelines for work of WFTU in 1978-81; Decisions, WFTU - Algiers Nov. 10, 1978; Asian Dept. Plan of activities, supplemetary note on plan of work for Asia Oceanea, Report on Asia etc.
348 117 1978 Asian & Oceanian countries, printing press & graphical conference, Tashkent. Communique & Recommendation adapted at Tashkent on Sept. 24-29,1978 the 1st consultative conference of Graphical Trade Unions from Asia & Pacific Ocean Region countries to ILO; A.M. Gope from AITUC to attend meeting of permanent standing committee of consultative conference on exchange of experience of TUs for Graphical Induastries in Asia -Oceania countries to be held at Tashkent from 26-30 Sept. 1978; WFTU press communiques; Letter from Heinz Deckert , President;
349 117 1978 2nd World Conference for reunification of Korea, Tokyo Letters between AITUC & Jean Dory & Ibrahim Zakaria, Deputy Gen.Sec WFTU on Dange's coming for the meeting;
350 117 1978 Existing Designation & Seal 9th World TU Congress Prague, Czchoslovakia, 16-23 April 1978; Document on Policy & Action Draft; Universal Declaration of TU Rights Draft Document; Short Articles on important topics of Labour; Newsletter by TU International of Workers of the Building;
351 117 1979 8th International Conference of TUI Chemicals, Oil & Allied Workers - WFTU Correspondence between AITUC & passport office and individual sent by AITUC for 8th International Conference of TUI on Chemicals, Oil and allied workers - WFTU 22-26 May, 1979 Sophia, Bulgaria;
352 117 1979 Correspondence with S.T.U.C.S WFTU correspondence with AITUC on - Invitation to WFTU secretariat's meeting on TU education, letters & documents; holding of 30th session of Gen.Council and 20th session of bureau; Modification to WFTU constitution at 19th Session at Nicosia Oct. 18-20, 1979 documents; WFTU communiques on various on various issues; ILO-WFTU Meetings; Letters to WFTU from ILO; 4th World Trade Union Conference on problems of working women convened by WFTU; 30th Session of WFTU Gen Council, Sophia April 10-13, 1979; Decisions on various issues;
353 117 1981 TUI Chemical, Oil & allied workers Correspondence for International preparatory committee for Conference on Pharmaceutical & Trans- national Companies on 15-16 Sept.1981 Moscow; Com. Diwakar to attend the Bureau Meeting of TUI of Chemical, Oil and Allied Workers - WFTU Budapest from 25th May 1981;
354 117 1981 AUCCTU, Moscow Com. Y.D.Sharma, Com. S.Chandra & Com. B.N.Kumar go to Seminar on " Workers participation in Management" organized by Oil & Chemical Workers' Union of USSR, Tashkent June 1981; 3 member soviet delegation of TU visiting India; Delegation of Power Workers; A.B.Bardhan's Pamphlet; Signature Campaign by Power Workers;
355 117 1982 10th Congress of WFTU, Havana Correspondence of 8 member AITUC delegation to attend the 10th WFTU; Havana, Cuba 10-15 Feb.'82; All India Bank Employees Association President Prabhat Kar; All India Federation of University & College Teachers' Organisations;
356 117 1985 AITUC - WFTU Letters from AITUC to WFTU on Com. Narendra Prasad Gen. Sec. All India Cement Workers' Federation holding Asian Seminar 17-19 April 1986, Banglore; 37th Session of WFTU Gen. Council; Raj Bahadur Gaur visit to Moscow for seminar on TUs Policy towards IMF - WB;
357 117 1987 URO Seminar Parvati Krishnan's Letters on Visits to Czchoslovakia to participate in Educational Trade Union Seminar;
358 117 1988 Correspondence with Govt of India, WFTU, General Council Lists of names, addresses, details letters on members of WFTU attending Gen. Council 24-28 Oct. 1988, Vigyan Bhawan;
359 117 1988 International WFTU General Council Mauri Pera, G.Sec. to Inddrajit Gupta on 41st Session of WFTU Gen. Council Oct. 1988, Delhi; Alvaro Villamarin Sec.Gen. TUI of workers in commerce to Indrajit Gupta; CEI national conference & annual session 28th April,'89; Int. Consultative meeting with the TUs on Safety in the Nuclear Power Industry, Vienna 6-7 April'89, under AFA & ILO; AP council AITUC; Chturanan Mishra & Indrajit Gupta Correspondence; TUI AFPW Gen Sec's Speech at 10th International Conference of Agricultural, Forestry and Plantation workers;
360 117 1988 WFTU - 88 Various WFTU Documents & Letters like - 41st Session of WFTU G.C. -- 24-27 Oct. 1988, Conception of WFTU activities in UN and Specialised Agencies; ILO - Report Form for the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning MNCs and Social Policy adopted in Governing Body Nov. 1977; General Electric & Labour and Impact; WF to Bureau 36th Session; Letter to Rajiv Gandhi, P.M. by Ibrahim Zakaria, Gen Sec.;40th Session of WFTU Gen Council; Info on 73rd Session of IL Conf. Geneva, 3-24th June 1987; Analysis of Comments & Proposals made at the 31st Session of WFTU, Paris 9-11 April 1984;
361 117 1989 TUI Transport Workers (WFTU) Budapest Correspondence for AITUC delegates leaving for Port-Dock & Transport workers federation in Libya, Tripold. The TUI of Transport Workers (Dept.) of WFTU 40th Session of Administrative Committee 1989;
362 117 1989 URO Seminar Letters on TU Education in Czechoslovakia; Antonin Zapotxky Commemoration Medal to Com. Indrajit Gupta by Czech Embassy; Com. Gope goes for 3 week TU Education from 16 th Oct 1989 at Prague; Letters from Emil Grochol, Head of International Dept. Central Council of TU on Call 4 member AITUC; Letter from Debkumar Ganguli on Czech TU Education; Address by Com. V. Kozik Sec. of Central Council of Czech TU at Int. Seminar on " Czech TU and Heritage of Victorian February"; 3 Men Czech delegation to Visit India Nov. 1988; Plan of Cooperation between Central Council of TU of Czech Republic and AITUC signatories Chaturanan Mishra, Indrajit Gupta; Communique;
363 117 1975-76 Correspondence with WFTU Letters on various issues from WFTU to AITUC and vice-versa such as - WFTU's legal committee 1st meeting in Prague; Asian TU seminar; AITUC sends Com. Subramanyam , Jt. Secy, BEL employees' union of Banglore to attend young workers meeting under UNESCO through WFTU; Letters of Com. Mahendra Sen; Letter informing for extraordinary session of WFTU in Berlin; B. Averyanov, formar head of AUCCTU international Deptt. becomes G.Sec of WFTU; WFTU letters to WCL & Gen. Sec of OPATUU; agenda for WFTU Council; Statuary meetings of WFTU since 1945; WFTU -ILO meeting; WFTU Gen. Council at Havana; 16th International Labour Conference; WFTU- UNESCO on literacy campaign; WFTU proposal for democratisation of ILO; UNESCO - Youth Division; Rights & Responsibilities of Youth- WFTU;
364 117 1975-76 TUI Oil & Chemical bureau meeting, Bratisilva (Czech.) Correspondence between Paul Forgacs, Gen. Sec TUI of Chemical, Oil and allied workers to AITUC for AITUC representative Com. Roza Despande for convocation for the 26th Session of ICPS administrative committee; 1976;
365 117 1975-76 TUI - Transport Correspondence on - Invitation to AITUC by All Japan Council of Traffic & Transport workers unions (ZENKOUN) for Asian Seminar of Transport Workers Unions; Invitation to AITUC representative to attend convocation of 28th session of administrative committee of TUI transport (WFTU) in Havana; Study Tour to GDR;
366 117 1976-77 WFTU General Correspondence Letters on Dange going to Drafting Committee Meeting for Documents of 9th WFTU Congress Dec. 1977 Prague; WFTU Paper on International Trade Unionism; Universal Declaration of TU Rights; Other letters by Pierre Gensous WFTU Gen. Secy; TU Education under WFTU; WFTU letters by Com. Mahendra Sen; WFTU Press Communique on AP Cyclone, Turkish workers, Chilean Junta; WFTU Document on Place & Role of Working Youth in Society & at Work; UNESCO;
367 117 1976-77 WFTU Documents WFTU documents presented at international trade union conference for Solidarity with workers and people of Kerala; Resolutions, decisions etc. on Kerala; 19th Session of Gen Conf of UNESCO at Nairobi, Kenya Oct.-Nov,1976, WFTU News Dec. 1976; Press Communiques of WFTU; Symposium of Workers on the quality of work and work prospects;
368 117 1977-79 TUI Chemical, Oil & 8th Conf. of TUI Oil, Sofia Correspondence between AITUC & TUI - ICPS, Budapest, Gen. Sec Pal Forgacs on sending Com. Roza Deshpande as AITUC leader;
369 117 1978-79 Agriculture TUI Com. Sundaram Vice Precident of Federation of Tea Plantation workers & member working committee, AITUC goes to VIII International Conference of Trade Unions of Agricultural Forestry & Plantation workers Warsaw, May 9-12, 1929; C.A. Kurian (MLA) AITUC goes to Conference of Asian Rural Workers Alma Ata, USSR 24-28 Oct. 1978; all Correspondence;
370 117 1978-79 WFTU Change of Constitution 2nd Session of Constitution comm. of WFTU, 24-25 Sept.1979, Prague; 2 member delegation of AUCCTU visits India; 30th Session of WFTU Gen. Council in Sept. 1979; Decision adopted by 19th Session of WFTU Bureau, Nicosia, Oct. 1978; International Trade Conference of Workers of the Building, Wood & Building Materials Industries; Copy of Constitution of WFTU; Documents of 9th WTU Congress Prague 16-22, 1978; For Right to Work - Drawn Up by WFTU legal committee, Prague; March 1978; Resolutions & decisions of WFTU;
371 117 1979-80 South Pacific & Asian Trade Union Unity Conference, Sydney Resolutions of Conference; K.G.Srivastava's Speech; List of Participants; Various Reports; Poster; TNC's cheap labour Havens and deindustrialisation of Australia; Speeches; Committee for International Trade Union Unity;
372 117 1981-82 WFTU Various correspondence by AITUC and to other TUs on e.g. Com. Indrajit Gupta's condemning Pol Pot regime saying it should not be member of UN Gen. Assembly; arrest of communist leader Com. Tupas & other TU s in Phillipins - Protest; against ESMA; Abdul Pordeli, President Afghan TU s - Report; situation in Sanna, Yemen; Palestine TUs; speech of Qaddaffi in Tripoli; May 1981; Sramik League - Bangladesh; Romania; Iraqi TU s to Dr. Kurt Waldheim UN Sec. Gen;
373 117   WFTU General Council Meeting, New Delhi Background info & names, address, details of WFTU Sect, Gen. Council and Bureau Members.
374 118 1977 5th Asian Seminar Letters from various TU s of Asia & AITUC to attend 5th Asian Trade Union Seminar in second half of Nov. 1977.
375 118 1977 5th Asian Trade Union Seminar Participation by various TUs in 5th Asian Trade Union Seminar - Letters by Bangladesh Shramik League; National Association of Trade Unions, Manila; Cyelon Federation of Labour; Nepal Bee-keepers association; Cyelon Workers Congress;
376 118 1979 Asian Lawers Letters by Olavi Sulkunen Sec. of Legal Commission to Com. R.K.Garg (AITUC); Asian Seminar for TU Congress 17-22 Nov. 1977; Letters; Letters by Jan Nemourdry, Sec; Letters of Asian Seminar on TU Rights Preparatory Committee - R.K.Garg; Minutes of Prep. Committee; Letters by Mahendra Sen; List of Invitees; 44th Plenary Session of Legal Committee of WFTU;
377 118 1980 Afghan Trade Union delegation Letters from various TU s of UP, AP, Srinagar etc. to support Afghan revolution and arrival of Afghan delegates;
378 118 1989-90 Asia- Pacific TU Coordination Committee K.L.Mahendra's paper at Kualalampur, Malaysia at IIIrd conference of Asia-Pacific TU coordination committee March 14, '90; Preamble of the TU committee; Draft Report of AP TUCC; letters to and from AITUC and Pakistan Trade Union Federation, Karachi for Asia Pacific Semenar on "Rural Development and Role of Trade Union" on 15-17 Jan, 1990.
379 119 1960 International Student and Youth Organisations Dortmund Trail against Festival; Sportsmen - Spartakiad -15th Anniversary if Czech Liberation in 1945; Performers; rights; Declaration of WFTU FOR Peace, Disarmament, National independence; May Day; Solidarity with Argentina and Paraguay’s people;
380 119 1961 INTERNATIONAL TRADE UNIONS World federation of democratic youth (WFDY), international association of democratic lawyers, international labour office (ILO), memorandum org. 45th session of ILO demonstrations of AITUC's other org. in India on Patrice Lumunbai killing
381 119 1975 SZOT, Budapest, Hungary Correspondence for sending AITUC leaders to Bulgaria & Hungary for conferences Com. Bhawani Roy Choudhary; Dr. Ference Dobi (Head of International Dept.); Com. Ramchandra Ram;
382 119 1978 International Conference of TU in Cyprus Letters on Com. M.K. Bhatnagar attending International Trade Union Conference on Cyprus in Nicosia from 22-23 Nov. 1978; Correspondence between K.G. and G. Iacovou, Secretary of coordinating committee of TU s of Cyprus, Nicosia;
383 119 1978 Chilean Solidarity Various documents and Letters expressing support by vaious T Us & other sections both in Chile & foreign countries in support of Allende & against excesses of Pinochet regime;
384 119 1985 Mongolia Protocol on the cooperation between AITUC & the central council of the mongolian TUs;
385 119 1989 Europe West Letters from CGIL to AITUC; WFTU Council meeting; CGTP hold 7th Congress at Lisbon 3-4 March 1993; Speech of Belgian Workers Party's Chairman, Com. Ludo Martins; Fraternal Cooperation between CGI & AITUC;
386 119 1975-76 Polish Trade Unions, Warsaw 2 Men delegation from the Central Council of Polish Trade Unions for Study Tour through WFTU and UNESCO for workers' education;
387 119 1976/85-87 Bulgarian Trade Union Communique and agreement on Cooperation between AITUC and Bulgarian Trade Union (BTU) Indrajit Gupta and Peter Dycilgerov; By Abdul Latif Bolteya on behalf of permanent secretariat of International Trade Union Committee of Solidarity with Workers and People of Palestine (1976).
388 119 1984/93 Africa, Arab & Middle East Various Letters to & from various international TUs to Com. Indrajit Gupta, Chaturanan Mishra, Homi Daji and Other AITUC leaders;
389 121 1989 Commonwealth TU council, London Letters from Director Patrick Quinn, Director Commonwealth Trade Union Council to AITUC on TU Education; Update , Commonwealth TU Council Magazine; Circulars; CTUC 10th Gen. Session; 40 th Commonwealth Trade Union Conference ( Geneva, 18th June, 1989); News Releases;
390 123 1960 ILO Sessions and Correspondence from Labor ministry 6th Session of ILO Petroleum Committee on item III - Practices, Procedures and Techniques of effective emloyer-employee communication in petroleum industry; 44th Session of Indian Labor Conference;
391 123 1961 UNO, UNESCO, ECAFE ECAFE, 17th Session , Item NO.5 - Economic Situation in Asia. Statement of K.B. Pannikar. Permanent representative of WFTU.
392 123 1976 S. Arangil (UNESCO) Documents and correspondence on AITUC sending Com. Arangil (Founding Member of BEL Employees Union & VP in Union) to Paris 31st May to 4th June for meeting of young workers on topic "Quality of work and work prospects as seen by young workers" in Press, 1976.
393 123 1978 ILO Geneva/New Delhi AITUC members attend ILO Seminars on TU leaders on Rural Workers Organizations in India, Varanasi 20-24 Nov. 1978; ILO multidisciplinary Mission in India; ILO conference 64th Session 1978 - Report of Committee of Experts on the application of conventions & recommendations; Second Tripartite Meeting for Food Products & Drinks Industries of ILO, Geneva, 17-26 Oct.1978;Visit by ILO; Chief of Training Dept.; ILO Fellowship to AITUC Comrade;
394 123 1979 ILO - Turin Seminar Correspondence between WFTU & AITUC on sending Com. J.Chittranjan for WFTU- ILO seminar at Turin; On "Teaching Methods and New Spheres" April 23-27,'79, Turin (Italy).
395 123 1989 ILO, UNESCO Various letters to and from AITUC to WFTU & UNESCO and ILO on sending various AITUC leaders for e.g. ILO tripartite meeting on professional workers- Nov.1977; ILO Asian Regional Seminar on Workers Education for Rural Workers' Organizations in Asia & Pacific Pattaya, Thailand 16-27 Oct. 1989; ILO symposium on Labour Protection working conditions and TU s in Beijing 1989;
396 123 1985-88 ILO 75th Session of international labour conference, Geneva 1-22 June'88 - documents; High level meeting on employment & SAP - reports; Meetings to UN by international TU conference on solidarity with the workers and people of Korea; Third Tripartite Meeting for clothing industry; ILO workers education; Instrument for the amendment to the Constitution of ILO adapted by 72 session of ILO at Geneva in June'86; Note on functioning of ILO machinery; Advisory opinion of permanent court of International Justice; 11th Session of Iron & Steel Committee (ILO); Submission of Recommendations under Art 19 to competent authority; Action against aparthaed; ILO questionnaire by ILO on working of MNCs in India;
397 125 1961 Bonus Commission Correspondence from Unions & Ministry of Labor on issue of Bonus commission, some articles on bonus commission by YD Sharma, R S Kulkarni, Madan Phadnis; memorandum;
398 126 1992 Social Security Seminars by Social Security Association inaugurated by Sitaram Kesri & later Sangma; AITUC on unemployment insurance scheme proposed by social security association of India; IIPA Seminar effectiveness of TUs in employees' welfare in PSU and Govt. Organisations; IIPA course - Prof. R.N.Thakur; Constitution of Social Security Association;
399 127 1976-77 Fringe Benefits Letters of Invitation for Seminar in Prague in Sept.--Oct. 1977. Reports on the strengthening of Action between WFTU and ILO in respect of Environment & Leisure; TUI Plan of work for 1977; WFTU press communique and other letter from WFTU; Sending AITUC Comrades to Czechoslovakia;
400 129 1984 Industrial Disputes Act Various letters from AITUC on Industrial disputes act and grievance settelment authority;
401 131 1960 ESI Corporation correspondence on Medical Benefit Scheme ESI from various unions and letters from Ministry of Labor on the issue.
402 132 1959 Minimum Wages Committee Letters from AITUC to Indrajit Gupta and Ministry of Labor on Issues of Membership on Minimum Wages Committee; Litters from AITUC on minimum wage issue - Satyanarayan Reddy;
403 132 1961 Minimum Wages Committee various notification from GOI, ministry of Labor on minimum wage & employment; Letters from various unions; minimum wages (amendment) bill 1961;
404 132 1988 Minimum Wage AITUC Circulars to affileated unions of Govt. position of minimum wages for various kinds of jobs; Terms of reference of national commission on rural labour; copy of minimum wages act 1948 - proposals for amendments;
405 132 1980-81 The central minimum wages advisory board Letters on Minimum Wages in various industries; Letters from various TUs to Ministry of Labour;
406 132 1989-90 Minimum Wages Various Govt. of India notification on minimum wages; A note on minimum wage; note linking minimum wage with consumer price index; Assam extraordinary Gazette on minimum wage; AITUC pamphlets - action plan for minimum wage sector workers; paper cutting on minimum wage to Maharashtra Cement Workers; Minimum Wage to Agricultural workers in AP; Press releases by Assam AITUC and Kerala AITUC on minimum wage; Industries under minimum wage act based in Calcutta and 24 Parganas; NCC convention of unorganized sector; minimum wage in SKMS;
407 134 1959 Industrial Industrial awards - Bonus; Legal Documents of Singer sewing machine Co. Bombay & workers; Case from Madras; Supreme Court Judgement;
408 135 1958 AITUC - Inter Union Rivalries Correspondence between AITUC’s K.G. and Mr. R.L. Mehta Secretary, Ministry of Labor on issue of settling Inter Union Rivalries; Different ways between AITUC and Ministry of Labor;
409 136 1961 Trade Union Record Publications Article on abolition of Contract System in collieries; Bonus; DCM; Ashoka Hotel Employees; Sugar Workers Maharashtra; Wage Boards; N.M.Joshi - Biography; Wage Movements since 1947; Workers Participation; Iron Ore - Bhilai; Quilon Textile Mill; Workes Committee;
410 138 1960 Verification of TU Membership Letter from G.L.Nanda on issue of verification; Letter from C.G. on Decision of 16th Labor Conference On verification of membreship;
411 138 1979 Post- verification new applications for affiliations Press Communiques by WFTU on various issues; Documents 3rd International Conference of Solidarity with Palestinian workers & people at Damascus May 15-17, 1979; Bureau meeting of WFTU 20-22 Nov. 1979 Berlin - GDR attended by Dange & Srivastava; Strike by Delhi's Cotton Textile Mills; 2nd Tripartite mechanical meeting for food products & etc. Geneva 17-26 Oct. 1978; Vietnam's delegation in India; Decision of 20th Session of WFTU Bureau; Affiliation report of WFTU; Conference on agrarian reform at Algiers Nov.1978; 19th Session of WFTU Bureau Nicosia, Oct. 18-22, 1978;
412 138 1958-59 AFFILIATION/MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION Affiliation letters to AITUC from Haryana, Punjab, M.P., Delhi, W. Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, A.P., Orrisa, Gujarat. In Delhi unions issue of E.S.I., letters of Ministry of Labour, articles, Insurance employees unions, W.Bengal AITUC, rules of constitution of Mahindra Ltd., Bombay - E.S.I. scheme issue
413 138 1980/86 Verification Various letters & articles in papers on issue of AITUC membership vis-à-vis BMS, INTUC, etc. in 1980-86 period; Important meetings with Labour Minister on these issues;
414 139 1975 Ukranian UNESCO Delegations (Mauritius) Correspondence on Study Tours & Declaration from Ukraine & via UNESCO.
415 139 1978 Nominations Letters and correspondence between AITUC & various affiliated TU sending representatives to USSR & East Europe for training and with TU in USSR and E. Europe, Names etc.
416 139 1989 WFTU Education / Seminar, School, etc. T.N.Siddhanta Gen.Sec. Not to visit Working Committee of WFTU; Post Produced by Education Deptt. of WFTU; Sub-regional TU Seminar in Delhi, Dec.1988;
417 139 1979/85 Central TU School AITUC, Khandaia (Maharashtra) Documents & letters on issue of Travel to USSR by various AITUC leaders for TU school in Moscow; 9th International Conference of TUI of Transport Workers; Meeting of Engineering Commission in Moscow; 35 Day Study visit by Com. Indrajit Gupta; Parvati Krishnan & Senior AITUC Leaders;
418 142 1984-87 Mines Safety AITUC Protest against closing down of National Council for Safety in Miner; Tripartite Regional Review Committee Meeting for Non-Coal Mines in Nagpur Region to Review Recommendations of 5th & 6th Conference on Safety in Mines; Strike by Khadan Mazdoor Sangh on Mine Safety; Documents on Mine Safety on Meetings by MOL; 6th Conference on Safety in Mines ; 13-14, Jan '86; Lack of Safety in Kali Chedu Mines, Nellore Dist. Andhra Kalyanamara Mica Mines;
419 142 1989-91 Mines Safety Complaints and accidents in illegal underground mining of china clay in Bikaner Dist. (Rajasthan); Article on role of employees org. in health & safety by H.Mahadevan (AITUC, Sec); 2nd July accident issue Nandini Mines; Safety Rules Violation in Surakachhar Coal Mines in Bilaspur (M.P.); Safety inspection report on Kusmunda Coal Mines (M.P.); Talcher Coal Mines - saftey violations;
420 142 1992-93 Coal Sofety Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Safety in Mines held at SCOPE Convention Center, New Delhi, 14-15 May 1993 with Appendix; Khadan Mazdoor Sangh (AITUC) Betul, MP; 12th Meeting of Standing Committee on Safety in Coal Mines held on 6th July 1993 New Delhi; Samyukta Khadan Mazdoor Sangh - Agreement on Annual Bonus (1992-93) in Mines of BSP;
421 142 1992-93 Safety -- Non-coal Letters on Issues of Mine Safety for e.g.- issue of subsisdence at Upper Dhowrah Colony of Girimint Colliery under Shreepur Area of Eastern Coalfields Ltd.; to Chaturanan Mishra etc. by Union on Looting & unsafe carriage of Expolsives & Detonators at Bisrampur M.P.; 18th Conference on safety in Mines; Illegal Mining of China Clay and fire at Bikaner Distt.;
422 144 1959 Industrial Disputes Amendments Act Sub Committees Action taken; Strike by Engineering Mazdoor Sabha; Whole range of correspondence on Amendment of Industrial Disputes Act- ministry of labor to AITUC, Advocates Position, Mohan Kumaramangalam, Workmen’s Compensation (Amendment) Bill 1958; Articles by comrade Rajbahadur Gour; News from Parliament ; Maturity Benefit Bill and Equal Remuneration Bill;
423 144 1961 Industrial Disputes Amendment Sub Committee Amendments to Notification of Industrial Disputes; Appointment of Labor Inspector at Hubli as Conciliation offer; List of Commissioner appointed under Workmen’s Compensation Act; Submission of Reports on Conciliation Proceedings;
424 144 1988 Assam Digboi division of AITUC conflict with forest officials; Seminar on TU Bill and Peace Rally by Trade Union Coordination Committee; ONGC Employees Union Sibsagar and others on verification; complaint by Oil India workers Association (AITOC) Diliajan (Assam); Assam State Committee AITUC; Problems of Plywood workers; victory of Harijan workers of Guwahati Municipal Corp.;
425 144 1985-87 Industrial Disputes Act (Correspondence) AITUC's support to national reconcilliation policy of democratic govt. of Afghanistan; Congratulations to Indrajit Gupta for being elected as AITUC Gen Sec; AITUC opposition to exempt employees of P&T, Railways and Defence production from application of industrial disputes act;
426 153 1961 World Peace Council Documents of 7th world conference against atomic and hydrogen bombs for promotion of total disarmament Aug 1961 Tokyo; Resolution on - Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia; Disarmament; South Africa; Congo; Repression; New Delhi meeting on march’61;
427 155 1982 Agreements Contains Copies of arguments between various public & pvt. Sector companies and TU of AITUC; Guest Keen Williams Ltd., Banglore, Neyvelli Lignite Corporation; Hotel & Restaurant association of Delhi region; Bata Ltd.; BHEL Power Employees Union & BHEL; Indian Aluminium Company; Mahendra & Mahendra Ltd.; Nav Bharat Tobacco Ltd., Hyderabad;
428 155 1969-70 Various Agreements & etc. Agreements for e.g. Heavy Engineering Corporation; Letters from Alloy Steel Shramik Union of Durgapur to Dange; Proposals of the workers representative of the tripartite committee for Engineering Industry for Bihar; Rourkela Steel Mazdoor Union asks Com. Bhogendra Jha to take up the case; Constitution of Bricks & Tiles Workers Union (Red Flag); Memos of settelment of Krishna Industrial Corporation Workers Union; Nida Davole and Letter from AP SRTC licensed porters union; Heavy Electricals Mazdoor TU Bhopal; Memo of settlement of HAL & TU; Memo of Agreement of TELCO, Tube & Tinplate Co. & Jamshedpur, TUs in Gurgaon; Steel Industry; TUs of Bhilai, Durgapur; Paper Cuttings on Rourkela Steel Workers Demand for Higher Pay; Memo from Fertilizers corporation and Kamgar Union;
429 155 1987-88 Agreements Copies of various agreements - with Indian Airlines; With Greaves Cotton; with Samyukta Khadan Mazdoor Sangh (SKMS) in Coal Industry; Between Damodar Valley Corporation and Employees;
430 155 1989-90 Wage Agreements Copies of various wage agreements e.g. with Indian Oil Corp., Tamilnadu Electricity Board; Bharat Electronics, Indian Banks & AIBEA and NCBE; General Insurance; Port & Dock; Calcutta Electric Supply; NTPC; Hindustan Copper Ltd.; ONGC; 4th National Coal Wage agreement; National Joint Committee for the Steel Industry; Indian Aluminum Corp. Hirakud; LIC; Charter of Demands of Bijli Mazdoor Union;
431 155 1990-91 Agreement Various agreements with Crompton & Greaves Switch Gear Ltd.; IDPL; Indian Oil Corporation (IOC); Brooke Bond India Ltd;
432 156 1957 Circulars Working Committee and General Council- Dec 24, 1957; Boollets;
433 156 1957 Circulars (AITUC) Dange’s Circular on invitation on 40th anniversary of October Revolution for Nov. 4th or 5th 1957;
434 156 1957 Circulars (AITUC) Circular by Dange for General Session of AITUC at Ernakulam;
435 156 1958 Circulars of AITUC Various Circulars of AITUC on Membership, on Kapra Mazdoor Ekta Union, Decision of Working Committee in Darjeeling May 29-31, 1958; Decisions of 15th ILC on Minimum Wages; Info demanded from Textile Wage Board; Meeting of HMS & AITUC;
436 156 1958 Circulars & Letters of AITUC Letter by K.G. to Minister of Labour on ESI Issue; Letter from Bhakra Nangal Mazdoor Union, Nangal 20/2/58;
437 156 1958 Circulars & Letters of AITUC Letter from K.G. to various textile unions in Bombay, Coimbatore, Madurai, M.P. & U.P. on attack on Textile Workers' Rights by Mill Owners; K.G. to Dange asking visit Jamshedpur; by Dange to WC member calling for WC meeting at Darjeeling on 29-31 May 1958;
438 156 1958 Circulars & Documents of AITUC Meetings Various circulars etc of AITUC on Gen. Council meeting at Bangalore Jan,1959; TU membership by amendments to Industrial Disputes Act 1947; Paper Industry; Verification; Meeting of Rep's of TU s in Sugar Industry Oct.1958; TUR; TUI Conference of Agricultural & Forestry Workers, Bucharest Oct.1958;
439 156 1958 Circulars & Decisions of AITUC Circulars on Jamshedpur Fund, Papers relating to Indian Labour Conference on issues like - Industrial Relations; Social Security; Subsidised Housing Scheme; Closures; Inter- Union Relations; Decision with G.L. Nanda Minister of Labour; Minutes of WC meeting held at Ernakulam, 30 Dec. 1958;
440 156 1960 Circulars to various Unions Affiliation Fees, preparation for 26th Session and organizational methods.
441 156 1960 Messages Invitation for Conference to AITUC Leaders for Various Union of Different industries;
442 156 1960 Circulars Circulars on 26th Session of AITUC; WC Meeting; Dange’s Speech; On verification of membership; Trade group meeting cotton textiles; to Plantation Industry; Monthly Reports; Action to implement Tripartite Decision; Urgent Note;
443 156 1960 Circular Trade Groups Plantation Industry; On report of Textile Wage Board;
444 156 1979 Chinese aggression on Vietnam Correspondence showing position of AITUC on chinese aggression on Vietnam.
445 156 1980-81 State Committee Circular Various kinds of circulars on many issues like - Gen.Council of 11-13 Nov.1982; One day All India General Strike of Jan, 19, 1982; Nov.23, 1981 Delhi March; Amendments to Employees provident funds scheme 1952; Indrajit Gupta - "Defeat ESMA - Defend Workers' Basic right to Strike"; Decisions of 4th June National TU Convention in Bombay against Price Rise and Anti Labour Policies; May Day Appeal; Letter on Ramanujan Committee recommendation to N.D.Tiwari; AITUC circulars on young workers; Working women;
446 156 1988-91 AITUC State Committee Various Copies of AITUC State Committee & Central Circulars on Issues like - Membership; Verificaton; General Council; Dharnas of Anganwadi Workers; Palledars & Textile workers; AIPSO circulars & Publications; Leather & Footwear Industry; National Conference of Bidi & Cigars and Tobacco Workers; Anti- Price rise movement; Loading & unloading workers of FCI; Conferences of AITUC; Kashmir Fund; Reservation; AITUC proposals of TU acts & ID act; Construction workers Bill; Petition to Parliament;
447 156 1989-91 Circulars Public Sector Convention; Stream lining AITUC led TU movements in National Capital Region (NCR); Meeting of presidents & Gen.Sec's; Questionnaires; Verification & Affiliation; Public Sector Workers Strike; WFTU in Moscow; Decisions on WC & GC; Convention of Anganwadi workers; Tripartite committee on Engineering Industry; Workers Participation in Management; Unorganized Sector;
448 157 1961 Party (AITUC) Letters to PC for Articles to New Age; GBM; Draft- Political resolution of the Branch Committee for the branch conference; Resolutions, Organizational Report;
449 157 1972 Production, Discussion Papers from all Plants Letters on issues like - Com. Rajendra Garg (AITUC) to convocation of 5th Session of WFTU legal commission; Report on legal committee; Appeal of WFTU Sect. for 1980 as intensified action of TU rights; WFTU legal committee - report of activity in 1979; All India Federation of Electricity Employees - VIII national conference at Salem, (Tamilnadu); Nagappa Samuel Solomon Tamilnadu State Committee of AITUC goes to conference in Bucharest; T.A.Francis goes to Seminar in Turin; Building & building materials workers' unions Seminar, Bangalore; Asian Trade & Oceanic Conference - Vigyan Bhawan; Indrajit Gupta goes to International Peace Conference, Sydney;
450 157 1984 Death of Indira Gandhi : Condolences by AITUC Various Condolences by AITUC Unit, Foreign Left TU and other TUs;
451 157 1981-82 AICP Contains letters about problems & conflicts in AITUC front between CPI & AICP Roza Deshpande, Dange & CPI/AITUC Leaders like Indrajit Gupta.
452 157 1982-85 Miscellaneous Iranian Tuden Party; Int. Meeting on "Trade Unions for Peace and cooperation in Asia and Oceania" at Ulan Bator, Mangolia; Death of Coal Leader Kalyan Roy - Condolences; Letters to Com. Chaturanan Mishra; Tripartite on D.A. for P.S. fails to reach unanimity; Visits by Foreign TU leaders; AINEF; Union Carbide Bhopal Gas Tragedy; Document on Health & Safety Issues of TU Congress; Com. Chaturanan Mishra meet PM Mrs. Gandhi on Punjab Issue; Aparthaed; Corruption issue, Deptt of communications Nellore Div. (AP);
453 157 1986-87 Miscelaneous Petroleum Workers observe interim relief day 5th June'87; Presidential address copy by Keshab Mahendra at 54th Annual General Meeting of Federation; Details about History of Lipton & Hindustan Liver; Journalist TU's agitate to throw out the Chairman of Wage Boards; Problems in Hospital at Bhakhra Nangal; Paper by K.G. Srivastava on "Export Processing Zones and TU issues"; Letter to AITUC from Central Missauri State Univ.; Letter from Sandinista's Union of Nicaragua; Poster of TUI Tobacco, Hotel & Allied Industries Workers (WFTU); Letter on problems at Akbar Hotel; Ichapur Ordnance Factory - 24 Paragnas; Protest to Turkey on Killing of TU Leaders;
454 157 1989-91 AICP(index) Documents givint consumer price index (CPI) from Labour Bureau, MOL (GOI); National Safety council; Articles - "A general consumer price index number"; Booklet by CITU; M.K.Pandhe "New Series of consumer price index numbers" - An attempt to perpetuate the fraudulent indices, A blatant attack on the DA of Industrial Workers"; Monograph "Background paper for Discussion in the National Meeting with the Index Users, WD (MOL, Labour Bureau);
455 158 1988 Consumer Price Index- CPI Various Documents & Letters by AITUC opposing and exposing the changing of 1960 to 1982 as the Base year for Govt. of India Consumer Price Index and its fraud.
456 158 1983-87 Price Index List of series from Ministry of Labour on consumer price index for years 1983-87 and a critical note by AITUC on the conceptual, methodological & technical aspects of 1960 & 1982 CPI series with specific reference to proposed release of latter series to replace former;
457 160 1961 Public & Allied employees Bulletin of Mysore Engivo; disciplinary action for participation in strike in audit & account dept.; Housing problem of central Govt. employees; Report to Party; the signature campaign; Indian Statistical Institute Employees problems;
458 160 1985 State Governments Letter by Com. Tarkeshwar Chakraborti of AIBEA Calcutta to Com. Madhusudan, Chairman Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers for Seminar on Impact of Introduction of Technology;
459 162 1957 Press Statements Dange on Differences in politbureau; Indian Express Strike;
460 162 1958 Press Communiques On Jamshedpur Mazdoor Union's Struggle against TATA's -lots of info.the movement; Massive struggles in Kerela, Bombay, Madras,Premier Auto, Mineworkers, Indonesia etc;
461 162 1960 Press Statements Firing at Moder Stagram Colliery (Asansol); WC meetings; Central Govt. Employees General Strike; Promulgation of ESMA; Other strikes; Paper cuttings; 16th session of standing labor committee;
462 162 1961 Press Information Release PIB release on Wages; Indebtedness; Agricultural Labourer in W.Bengal; G.L.Nanda's Broadcast; ESI; Code of Discipline; various trainings; Journalists' wage committee - Implementation, Recommendations;
463 162 1988 Press Statements AITUC Press Statements on - Price rise; Wage settlement demand for all public sector; CPI Fraud; Industrial Workers Strike in Delhi; Protest Day on 8th Dec 1988; WFTU- GC; Convention of Jute and Textile workers; Repression on employees of Bank of Baroda; Repression on DTC workers; 15 March 1988 All India Strike of Public Sector; Against anti- worker bills; Lathi charge on NPCC employees; NCC;
464 162 1954-55 Press Statements On International and National events-Samyukta Morcha in Bombay with Morarji;Dange Jailed; Goa Struggle;Strikes;
465 166 1959 LIGNITE MINES Annual GBM of Lingnite Mines Labour Union-Neyvelli;
466 166 1959 MICA MINES Extaordinary Notification by Min. of Steel,Mines& Fuel; AP Mica Workers Union Gudur,Nellore-Dissmissal-269 workers;health,women's and min.wage problems;
467 166 1959 GOLD MINES Hutti Gold Mines Labour Union (HGMLU); Strike action ;
468 166 1959 MINES(IRON ORE) SKMS -Retrenchment; threat to close Bhilai Steel Plant(BSP); Chhikhli mines; mangenese mines of M.P.& Bombay ; Umaria(MP); Maharastra Prantik Committee;
469 166 1959 IRON ORE MINES Dange's letter on " Mines and condition of mine workers under the BSP"; Statement by Prakash Roy; Wage Problems of Rajhara mines; Letters by com. Purnendu Mazumdar on violation of code of condut in Gua Mines; INTUC's call for strike; SKMS-on changes in condition of workers and wages in Dulli-Rajhara iron ore mines; Barajamda mines; Keonjhar mines; Clay Modelers of Ghurni(WB) letter to PM; Forest Workers Union-retrenchment,wages;
470 166 1960 LIGNITE MINES Resolutions of GBM of Lignite Mines Labour Unions,Neyelli
471 166 1960 MICA MINES AP.Mica Workers Union; dismissals issue by Bihar Mica Mazdoor Sangathan; letter to Nehru; dismissal of 4,400 workers of Noamundi Iron ore mines,Singhbhum; Hirri Mine Accident under BSP by SKMS; AIBEA;
472 166 1960 GOLD MINES HGMLU strike ballot;call; demands; memoradum;casesetc;
473 166 1960 MANGANESE MINES SKMS-Letter to G.L.Nanda; AITUC-Ms.Modi-on closing of mines; 4th AP Mica Workers Conf. CollieryMazdoor Sabha-Asansol workers protest; Accident in Damua colliery,Chindwara; Ramtek workers' wage problems;
474 166 1960 IRON ORE MINES Majority correspondence, other correspondence
475 166 1961 LIGNITE MINES Lignite Mines Labour Union, Neyvelli-GBM,Elections;Dissmissal of worker;
476 166 1961 GOLD MINES Joint meeting of Ex-Comtt. Of Tus of Kolar Gold Fields; conf; Mysore Mine Workers Union-cases; Karnataka provincial TU congress-prepration;
477 166 1961 GUA MINES(MINERAL WORKERS UNION) Case of death of workers in Gua; Case in SC; near fatal attack on Com. Purnendu by INTUC; attack on Com. Mazumdar; legal fight against IISCO; letter to G.L.Nanda by Renu Chakrawarty;
478 166 1961 IRON ORE MINES Correspondence between AITUC & Samyukta khadan Mazdoor Sangh
479 166 1981 Non - Coal Mines other than Copper, Steel & Coal Strike in Amarkantak & Phutkapahar Bauxite Mine BALCO; Problems of Chiriburu Mines of Singhbhum, Bihar; Mineral Exploration corporation employees union; Non- recognition of TU at Korba- BALCO; Loading & unloading problem of workers from light railway Manoharpur Ore Minde IISCO (Pub. Sect.) to Railway Head; Problems of workers in Keonjhar Mines; Iron Ore & Manganese Mines Welfare Cen (M.P.); Singareni Collieries problems; Violation of Labour Laws in Limestone mines of Nadini Kundni Mines of HSCL in Durg (M.P.); Mailram Copper Project (A.P.); State of Iron & Manganese Ore Mining Industry in Orissa;
480 166 1982 Non - Coal Mines other than Copper, Steel & Coal Letters on problems, strikes, retrenchment etc. issues from various mines like - Barbil (Orissa), Chiriburu Quartzite Mineral Mines in Singhbhum (Bihar), Strike in All PSUs; Metal Mines (Nadini Mines), Zawar Mines (Hind Zinc Ltd., Rajasthan); Magnesite Mines (Salem); Bihar Rajya Pathar Tod Mazdoor Union; Zinc Plant in Vizag; Rally & Hunger Strike at Keonjhar Mines; Nellore, A.P. Mica Mines; 2nd Meeting of Central Advisory Committee of Limestone & Dolmite Mines; Hunger Strike in Beawar Mines, Rajasthan;
481 166 1983 Non - Coal Mines other than Copper & Coal Implementation of Tripartite settlement and NJCS settlement; All Gos Mining Health Problems - TB in Mica Mining Areas of A.P.; Contravention of Mining Act in Stone Mines; Problems due to lack of export of Iron ore of Keonjhar & Sundergarh mines; Problems of Port & Dock water front workers fed. of India affectrive Vizag, Marmogoa, Paradip, Madras ports; Dalli - Rajhara Mines Bandh on 5th July'83; Demands of A.P. Copper Mine Workers Union; Retrenchment of 400 workers of Thakurani Mines in Cuttack; Report of 13th Meeting of Minimum wage board;
482 166 1984-85 Indian Mine Workers Federation Central Public Sector Unions Conference, Hyderabad - June 30-July 1st 1985; Singrauli Coalfields; IMWF - letters on many issues by S.K.Sanyal to Sunil Sen, Indrajit Gupta, K.G. Srivastava etc.; SKMS; Conference of IMWF; Mahavir Colliery ECL - Accident; Letter from Vasant Sathe; S.O. Committee meetings of JBCCI; EC meeting of MECL employees union, Calcutta; Implementation position of NCWA III; Singareni Collieries - Charter of demands etc; Contract labour issue in Bina project; Meeting of Party Members in Mines; IMWF - EC meetings; WCL; Support to Strike by British Miners against Thatcher;
483 166 1986-88 NMDC Bipartite meeting in NMDC; GBM of Air India Employees; Hunger Strike - Majhgawan Diamond Mines; Contract Labour in Iron-Ore Mines; Townships of Bhansi and Bababudan handed over to other agencies; SKMS - Kiriburu Iron ore project - cases; Letters between S.K. Sanyal and P.H.Pinto and B.Williams of All India NMDC workers federation on issues like - EC meetings; Apex Joint Council in National Mineral Development Corporation; Issue of Including P.C.Ramkrishnaiah's name in wage Negotiating committee; Visit of Wage Negotiating Committee A Fraud and Waste of 1 crore rupees; One day strike on 21 July 1987 by all public sector; Wage revision - 27/4/1981 protest day - All India NMDC worker federation; Token Strike by NMDC; Dismissal of 10 contingent employees and strike taken up by NMDC federation;
484 166 1992-93 Iron Ore Letters to Minister of Commerce on unemployment of 20,000 Adivasi Workers from Barjamda Sector by MMTC; Govt. of India notification; Letters between Homi Daji & Com. H.M. Umesh of Donimalai Iron Ore Project Employees Association Bellary, Karnataka on some issue;
485 167 1983-88 Unorganised Labour National Conference on Right to work for Rural unskilled Labour; Draft Bill on Domestic Workers; Demands of agricultural demonstration assistants association (Agricultural Dept.) Pondi; National Campaign for Housing; Convention of all india unions of municipal workers; Questionnaire on rural labour; strike for unorganized Tendu Workers; Note on Minimum Wage Fixation; 1st All India Conference of Unorganized Sector Workers by AITUC; Hotel Mazdoor Struggle with Mafia in Calcutta;
486 173 1960 STONE QUARRIES Rajasthan Mineral &Stone Quarries Mazdoor Union-constitution &report of union activities;
487 173 1961 STONE QUARRIES Stone Quarries Unions of Dausa-negotiations by Dagota Khan Mazdoor Union; Thenkulam Vttara Quarry Workeres Union(TN)-strike notice; Rajasthan Khaniz &Patthar Khan Mazdoor Union;
488 173 1984-88 Brick Kiln Industry Copy of Conclusions and Recommendations of Natural Tripartite Seminar on "Linking Wages and Productivity"; Report of meeting by Brick Kiln Industry by Laksmidhar Mishra;
489 174 1959 Insurance 4th Gen. Con. of all India Insurance employees association; perspective; resolutions; memo to Fin Min Morarji Desai; Conferences of various unions.
490 174 1960 Insurance national convention and other meetings; Resolutions; charter of AIIEA;
491 174 1961 INSURANCE Letters from northern & central, western (Bombay) eastern (Calcutta) and southern (Madras), sector insurance unions & field workers unions & E.S.I. unions and other affiliated TVs, letters on strike, bonus day, reports memorandum by E.S.I. employees union to 2nd pay commission etc.
492 175 1979 Delegation to Bulagaria Correspondence on Sending 4 AITUC Comrades to Central Council of Bulgarian Trade unions CCBTU at Sofia, Bulgaria from 21st July 1979;
493 175 1980 CPI - AITUC visits abroad CPI Delegation's Speech at CPSU Congress; Letter by Kalyan Sundaram to Com. Parashar; 60th anniversary of AITUC 1920-80 List of Pioneers; AITUC delegation visited abroad and foreign delegates arrived in India from Jan. to Aug., 1980.
494 175 1981 Delegation to Afganistan Invitation and Letters by Abdul Sattar Pordeli, President of central council of Afghanistan trade union and other correspondence from AITUC on visit of 3 men AITUC delegation to Afghanistan;
495 175 1987 Letters on 9th International Conference of Food, Tobacco, Hotel & allied industries workers, Prague. Letters for going to attend 9th International Conference of Food, Tobacco, Hotel & Allied Industries Workers 18-21 Nov,'87, Prague.
496 175 1983/85-86 AITUC Members foreign visits to WFTU M.M.Gope for 4th conference of All India ITDC employees Union held New Delhi 13-14, June 1986; Indrajit on 33rd Session of AITUC at Baroda Dec. 15 to 20, 1986; VIII conference of All India Federation of Electricity Employees held Salem on 9-11, May, 1986; K.G. goes to represent WFTU at UNESCO 19-29 March 1985.
497 176 1959 Municipal Workers Trade Unions BEST employees; Proposal for holding all India Municipal district Board employees union conference; Delhi MCD; Rajasthan; National Democratic Union of workers constitution; George Farnandes Union; Karnataka; Maharashtra and Jalgaon;
498 180 1958 Handloom Workers Issue of exemptions given to Handloom industries & arresting rising yarn prices.
499 180 1959 CPI & AITUC Branch Meeting agenda; Minutes; Kerala Fund; Amendments to Draft Resolution on the India China Border Dispute; PHQ GBM, conference & organizational Tasks;
500 180 1959 Mixed AITUC Proposes All- India National Strike in Textile Industry on June 14th; Question of Paid Weekly Holidays; Labor Seats in Madras Dock Labor Board; Dange’s Letter to G.L.Nanda on Code of Discipline; Abid Ali’s Speech in Lok Sabha; Developmental Council for Automobiles; Wage Board for Plantation Industries; Tripartite on Works Committee; Closing Down of Mehboob Shahi Mills, Gulbarga; Demands of Lime Stone Quarries ; Strike by workers of Nagarjun Sagar Project; Bidi Industry; Giridih Mines; ILO 6th Session; ILC 17th Session; Labor Situation in Kanpur;
501 180 1960 Film Trade Minimum wage advisory committee - workmen’s claims;
502 180 1960 General - Miscellaneous Individual Cases; Application and Issue of Import of News Print; Case in Colliery Mazdoor Sabha, Asansol ; Telegrams; Naraina Cooperative - Sabotage in Grow more Food Campaign;
503 180 1961 GENERAL (COAL MINES, PRESS TVs, ELECTRICITY, LIC, ETC. Coal mines, TVs, memorandums, 2nd session of industrial committee on mines, other than coal mines (24 April 1961), press workers unions, struggle against Bennett & Coleman Ltd. Hindustan Times, Times of India, Delhi Newspaper Employees Federation, Heavy Electrical (Bhopal), U.P., electric workers union, Tamil Nadu electricity workers federation-meeting etc. U.P. Electricity workers union wage board pay and etc. & Punjab, Mehtar Mazdoor Federation, A.P. medical employees union, Cooch Bihar Municipality workers union, also of Bombay, M.P. etc.
504 180 1961 Wool Ministry of Commerce & Industry Notification; Reinstatement of suspended workers by ; Judicial file of arbitration case stolen by Employer by woolen mazdoor sabha ;
505 180 1961 Employment Advisory Committee Joint meeting of misdemeanor sub-committee & committee to examine fairness in employment exchanges; Delhi Administration Order; Proceedings of meeting of state Labor advisory board, Orrisa, May’60;
506 180 1961 Central Advisory Council of Industry Correspondence between Ministry of Commerce and Industry and AITUC and Dange on 12th meeting of central advisory council of Industries; Letter by Textile Mazdoor Ekta Union on Retrenchment of workers in Hindustan Embroidery Mills, Chheharta;
507 180 1961 Gorakhpur Labor Organisation, Constitution of Advisory Committee Correspondence from Ministry of Labor and AITUC on Problems of Labor Organisation at Gorakhpur.
508 180 1961 General Miscellaneous Khruschev’s Statement on N- Bombs; Industrial Hygiene; Prevent War ; Article on Shoddy War; Lolandiguda Police Firing - A political Analysis by M. R. Kahale Jagdalpur; General Report by Dange of 26th Session of AITUC Coimbatore; Letter to Nehru;
509 180 1984 Center- State Relationship Letter and copy of questionnaire from Govt. of India for eliciting views & suggestions on various aspects of center- state relation;
510 180 1957-58 Party & AITUC Letters to Dange and Reply; Correspondence between State & Center on various issues; Communist Parliamentary Group Documents; Lettters to Com Ajoy Ghosh, Com Jyoti Vasu,H.S.Surjeet,E.M.S.;
511 180 1957-58 Bhoodan Movement Information on Gramdan and Bhoodan Movement by Vinoba Bhave in Koraput, Orrissa; Development of Cooperatives; Letter to PM, Khuswant Singh; Brochure on Bhoodan Movement; Letters from Harijan Sevak Sangh;
512 181 1959 Workers Committee and Code of Conduct Conclusion of Tripartite Committee appointed by 17th Session of ILC of Nov 1959 - on works committee- Documents and Letters; Violence in Singareni Collieies; Charge sheets police and judicial documents;
513 181 1961 Works Committee Correspondence about formation of works committee in factories etc. letters from T Us in Bermo, Bihar; Bengal Chatkal Mazdoor Union, Jute Mill, (Calcutta), Calcutta Tramways, Tata Oil Mills Company (TOMCO); Seminar Papers; Articles;
514 183 1959 Wage Boards Correspondence on - grant of interim wage increase by central wage board for sugar industry; Report of central wage board for cement inndustry;
515 183 1960 Cement Wage Board Implementation of cement wage board; resolution by Gazette of India on Wage Board;
516 183 1960 Wage Board for Jute Industry Letter to Ministry of Labor; Letters of com. Achutan & G.L.Nanda to AITUC center;
517 183 1961 Wage Board for working Journalists Wage Board to visit A.P. on partime employees - petroleum workers union;
518 183 1961 Cement Wage Board Letters & circulars from Min of Labor on cement wage board;
519 184 1993 Environment Letters between Purno Sangama, Minister for State for Labour & Com. B.D. Joshi, AITUC Gen.Sec. And Umraomal Purohit HMS Gen. Sec on issue of Govt. getting up National Commission for Environment and the non-inclusion of workers in it;
520 61-Part 1 1957-58&52 Jamshedpur (Steel) JMU Strike Against TATA's Lots of letters etc on the Jamshedpur Struggle led by Jamshedpur Mazdoor Union and Kedar Das,Barin Dey,Jagir Singh, Dange's involvement,Nehru,Ali Amjad,Blast Furnaces Closed first time in history of struggles; G.L.Nanda;
521 61-Part2 1957-58 Jamshedpur (Steel) JMU Strike Against TATA's pamplets by TATA Employees Union; JMU; Sunil Mukerjee; Ali Amjad; Important letters; arrests; dismissals; resolutions; etc on the struggle;
522 61-Part3 1959 Jamshedpur(Steel) Important letters on struggle;
523   1976-77 TUI Commerce Letters on sending various AITUC leaders to conference to GDR and other TUI meetings.